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This is my OC , I don't really think people care about her, but if u want a Bio , comment and I'll put a bio
((Well, you guys wanted a bio))
Name: Audree Crator
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Troll
Lusus : Stingray
Bloodcolor: Pastel Purple
Extra: Seadweller, Freckles (ALMOST EVERYWHERE), Shy.
Quirk: e= : ,prefix = -
Relatives : Jullii Crator, The Assassin.
Quadrants: None

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This is a kid in my friend and I's fanadventure. Nudgerchump is something we made so that we didnt have to use Trollian and Pesterchum (basically my friend's excuse for making it "not too much like other fanadventures," his character Nate (the birthday asshole) made the server)...
A young girl stands in her bedroom. It just so happens that, while it may not be her birthday, but one of her best friends' birthday. She already has a name, but she'll let you give her one anyway, not that she'll accept it.

--> Enter Name

Wow, she actually laughed at that shit. Seems like she has a stupid sense of humor.

--> Try Again

Your name is TAYA WOTANOL. You take INTEREST in stuff like MAKING MUSIC ON AN OCARINA and PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. You and your MOMMA tend to go HUNTING, which you absolutely LOVE TO DO. Your room is littered with SPEARS of VARIOUS SHAPES AND SIZES. Though you seem mature, once known very well, you tend to show the fact that you ABSOLUTELY ADORE MEMES. You live in a SMALL HUT on an ISLAND in HAWAII. As previously mentioned, it is one of your friends' BIRTHDAY, and you have your present for him on your bed.

What will you do?

--> Look At The Present

Ahh yes. That fucker. He is lucky to have you as a friend, otherwise he wouldn't get this. Actually, he might've just bought it himself.. Most likely not, though. Since you suck at gifts, you bought your friend a white shirt saying NOT WHAT I SEEM. Meh. Hope he likes it. Or not. You don't really care. As long as you bought something, you wouldn't feel like a forgetful asshole.

--> Look At Door

That palm leaf door is beautiful, a couple hibiscus flowers are scattered in a gorgeous pattern around the door. Your momma is very good at making things look artistic and beautiful, even though she's more into books.

--> Exit room

Since none of your friends are on Nudgerchump at this time of day, you decided to leave your room. You look at the walls. Your momma puts up pictures of various game characters that play an ocarina, aka the exact same person in different styles. You really wish you knew who he was. You love your momma for putting up those paintings.

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What do you peeps think?
+Admin Istration
So Alexis made me this new amethyst blood, and I hoped you could help me out with the deets on her.

Name: Hiriko Kiyoko
Lusus: Giant Winged Fish
Sign: Flying Fish
GT Title: Witch of Heart
Blood Color: Amethyst (Violet Seadweller Caste)
Personality: Meddler, fussy, sometimes a bit arrogant and bitchy (when angered), free spirited
Interests: Gardening, Art, Competitive shooting, Acrobatics
Dislikes: Excessive regulations, Mean pranks, deliberately offensive "jokes"
Strife Specibus: Riflekind
Land: Land of Chaos and Altercations
Hive Style: Undersea biodome.

Dancestor Number 7, and then there's only one more.
Assuming people even use this damn thing anymore, thoughts would be welcome. :)
Name: Salian Karici (Sal-Lee-In)
Appearance: Hair is straightened out, wide awake expression, clothes are colored red with the symbol and shows being black, has olive colored stains on her shirt like paint splatters, no scar on her cheek.
Quirk: Speaks in Italian (Because we all need that one bitch.)
God Tier: Heir of Space
Personality: Tends to space out and has trouble focusing on one thing at the same time, leading to some unpleasant incidences caused by her inattentiveness. Generally nice albeit a lot more blunt than the others when it comes to personal issues and gets into everyone's face. Occasionally gets angry when people frustrate or interrupt her work or daydreams, cursing them out until they leave before being reabsorbed into their task.
Backstory: Salian had been a painter who came out of the backwoods of Beforan Society where the True Artists resided along with the Lost Boys. Thus leading to her not knowing a whole lot of Beforan beyond a few key words and an expert alchemist and artist. She had been picked by HIK as a personal portrait maker and court potioneer, an honor that she cherished. But always during her painting that threw her off was Keonsi and Antari, two dashing young trolls in the ranks of the Soldiers. But after The Game began, she saw Keonsi's true colors as a liar and backstabber. After the incident with Katila and Sigmun, Salian took matters into her own hands. She brewed a potion from materials in her Land and got into a scuffle with the Thief of Hope, resulting in him losing his hand after having it cut off by a sharp rock. While he reeled in pain, she forced him to drink the potion and blinded him in one eye. Antari in death reprimanded her for it, but Salian was too absorbed in all her work to notice or care. She speaks now only to a few, but she vowed to never speak to Keonsi again._
(Fuck it I'll tag some people who might be interested: +gl0wstick Maryam
+Sunapi Thnati
Anyway, I hope people have been noticing a pattern but all the Dancestors so far had a role in Beforan society. Because why shouldn't they? (: )

Taking a small break from the current arc before I do the second to last part today, I want to get these Dancestors done. I think after this I only have two more, and then I should be good for a small set of side stories.
Name: Raylie Syndel
Appearance: In stark contrast to Rynara's butch appearance, she had grown her hair long similar to Porrim's, and dressed in a dark blue dress similar to Aneana's, her symbol serves as a clasp on her shoulder. There's no soot beneath her eyes and has a more happy expression (meaning with Aradia's expression you just change the smile with few pixels.)
Quirk: Follows a heartbeat rather than a hammer striking an anvil. "YOU KNOW that WE HAVE a SOCIAL ORDER to be FOLLOWED RIGHT? ONE OF us NEEDS to ACT CORRECTLY lest WE HAVE chaos.."
God Tier: Bard of Doom
Backstory: On Beforus, once upon a time Raylie Syndel had been among the social elite. She had everything that she ever needed thanks to an investment in a metal plant. Raylie, despite her status, often had no problem being as vulgar and as low as the rest of the people, even laughing and joking with then Threshecutioner in training Keonsi Aesnua. With Kurono acting as an advisor as well as a shoulder to lean on, Raylie never had much problem with hardship. That is, until Calixu convinced her to join The Game. It was when the planet was gone and that they were in constant danger she realized what she had lost. The once boisterous Raylie grew reserved and prim, believing that in the face of adversity there must be order while privately she despaired at their gloomy prospects. Kurono attempts to manage her despair but she can never truly shake it as she becomes stuck in her rules and personal restrictions. She refused to take part in the struggle that went on beyond being an ear for Keonsi to rant to. Even in Death, she still treats everyone as if the social codes of Beforus still applied.
(Thoughts and critiques would be welcome. :) )

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hey! so i made a very extensive post on Casius's god tier. My problem would be his quirk. I tried changing all k's into c's, but some words turn into others and it gets hard to talk like him (ex: like > lice)
any ideas?
he's based on Canis Major (greater dog) constellation
he's really aloof, acts like he doesn't care, bad with relationships, thinks hes all that and more, better than you, everyone should worship him, "why would anyone really deserve him though hes so great"
(Ignore the headshot drawing on the first image it was my first idea and ehhh no.)
Casius Sequen
Thief of Breath
Steals freedom for his own benefit, must learn to share it with others 
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yeah! im active! totally!
oc doodles
and the minor improvement over abt 24 hours
I really like the hair shading in Camm's
and the first one is a new troll dudette who needs more work done
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Oh damn back again.
So I decided I may as well make Dancestors, if just for fun and to also put together a sub plot (and because why the hell not, I've come this far.)
That said, here's Aneana's.
Katlia Tyrand (Kuh-Tee-La).
Appearance: Hair is tied up in a pony tail, wears a suit designed with vine pattern with her symbol as a necklace, twigs in her hair. Expression is more angry, less chill and joyful.
Quirk: Inverse of Aneana's and a tendency to curse, mixed with deer puns. "{- Now you bucking listen here you shit eating slimeball, I don't need an oppressive prick like you anymore.
{-I'm my own bitch, get with it deer."
God Tier: Maid of Heart
Personality: Extremely self sufficent, considers asking for help a sign of personal weakness, overly sure of herself, has a "I don't need no man" attitude.
Backstory: Katlia had once been a very sweet albeit naive troll. Her soul was pure as clean snow and was often what inspired the group to push forward. But she could never get a hold of her own feelings or emotions, often requiring help in what often surmounted in throes of rash passion. Keonsi offered himself to Katlia, knowing full well he was her heartthrob. But after the game began, he set his eyes on someone else and stole her Hope of ever finding true love. Denied and alone, she grew bitter and vowed to never let her Heart get the best of her without her allowance. The Vow lead her to being overly independant, willful and refusing to allow her own personal freedom be "threatened" in even small acts of kindness. When Keonsi lost his hand and eye, where before she would've attempted to comfort him, it was only met with a contemptuous glare. Even in death and in the bubbles she was fiercely protective of her self suffiency.
(6 More. Thoughts welcome. :) )
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