Does anyone have an AI copy of the new 2018 Biocard at all? I have the PSD one but chasing an AI version.

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After the PRIME is before the PRIME. Some achievements are exchanged. Here are my new maps. Enjoy browsing.

Sorry, forgot to add a contact, I'll get here now:

TG - @GummiBall

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These are my first self-designed biocards.
If you want to trade, write me in TG @Schrammschramm
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The new biocards have arrived ... if you want to trade, write me in the TG @oskarsuschi

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My new card Just arrived 💚💚💚, If You want some let me know 😎😎 Just Sent me a pm

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Want: any cards I don't have below

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hey ho

i'm new and want trade my biocard
if you want some please contact me at tg @Stefan_hvl09

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Hello!This is my first biocard.I will send cards and something.
Please write in here.if you want to trading.
I will send message.

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hello swaggers... because more and more stuff gets online... and many agents are looking for a specific category of items... here are some search patterns...

📌 *Ingress Niantic Pins*
- - community pins
- - official ingess pins

♨️ *Ingress Niantic Patches*
- - community patches
- - official ingress patches

© *Ingress Niantic Coins*
- - community coins

*Ingress Niantic Swag sort by Faction*
💚 - - ENL
💙 - - RES
💜 - - XF

📚 *Ingress Niantic Biocards*
- - official ingress biocards

- - community biocards *Events* - 14 sets
- - community biocards *Anomaly* - 19 sets
- - community biocards *First Saturday* - 6 sets
- - community biocards *Mission Day* - 23 sets
- - community biocards *Mods, Items, Badge* - 11 sets
- - community biocards *NL-1331* - 2 sets
- - community biocards *Team / Community* - 14 sets

hope this helps to not get lost in the amount of items

happy bidding :)
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