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Hello everyone,

Google+ is Being Deleted/Remade | Everyone Is Relocating to Discord

It's been so long! I missed all of you, a lot, despite how much has happened on this site. I am returning from my Hiatus from social media, with a new phone and a new laptop and desktop. I needed my break to get my mind right, because my past online has been ridiculous from all corners of the internet.
I needed the break, but we all do sometimes?

Me and everyone else has agreed to join up on Discord to move from the impeding deletion of Google+. The site has already been announced to be deleted next year, and if not, several horrid changes will be made yet again.
Therefor, we've created an open Discord server for all to join.

With this being said, all of my communities, collections, groups, and other discord servers will be deleted. The only thing that will remain group-wise is this group and my YouTube channel, along with my Twitter & Instagram.
This Discord server acts on three principles, which are enforced, where no one holds power over others.
- No one is allowed to be removed from the server
- Problematic people are placed in a punishment group for a certain amount of time (Decided by Admins, until we find a suitable bot)
- All other issues are solved through BOTS.
We will have no ruling admins and will push towards that freedom. In the future, we'll make several other improvements, but no one will hold power.

Hopefully, this continues to bring everyone back together and hopefully it never dies out! I honestly missed you all and would never want to be separated again, as we were. I hope all hardships can be forgiven.

If you were apart of our old society on Google+, and our current, we all ask for you to advertise this server on Google+! Let's get it out and spread the word for everyone to know, so no one misses out. It will be advertised in all my communities, before their deletion. I'll push it, as much as possible.
Nevertheless, I need you all's help!

Feel free to join the server on Discord!
The Discord app is less heavy and more accessible on all devices, having an app for it on all devices!
App in All App Stores: Discord

My Discord: Zuus#5967

| Discord Server |

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June 2018's Free Xbox Gold Games

Which one will you play first?

Hurry & catch them, while they're out or when they drop!

- Available Dates
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia (6/1 - 6/30)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (5/16 - 6/16)

Transformed Boxshot Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (6/1 - 6/15)

Smite: Battle of the Gods (6/16 - 7/15)

LEGO: Indiana Jones 2 (6/16 - 6/30)
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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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Transformed Boxshot Sonic & All-Stars Ra
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Smite: Battle of the Gods
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LEGO: Indiana Jones 2

Anyone here have Dark Souls 3? Trying to beat the DLCs on NG+ and I need someone to help me with it.

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When you have a Xbox and a ps

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I Like Cheesecake it is the best cake

My first console (if handhelds dont count) was an Original Xbox. I then got a 360 and Xbox One. And I am still scared I won't ever get another Xbox console after this gen.

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me looking @the Xbox vs. PlayStation beef starting early:
Animated Photo

The jews
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