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Whats your best marijuana strain? here is the solution

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call ..707-335-4526
High Quality cancer cannabis oil and top shelf marijuana for patients with illness like cancer, pain, insomnia, anxiety, liver problem, epilepsy and more.
Below is some of our available strains Good for Pain, cancer, insomnia .
*Green crack
*Sour Diesel
*Grand Daddy Purple
*Sensi Star x ak47
*Afghan Kush
*Northern Lights #5
*Lemon drop
*Purple Kush
*OG Kush
*GodFather kush
*Wiz khalifa kush

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420 available , with different types of strains , conatct us via text or kik id as seen on our image

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mlg is a dead meme, bye

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Why am I even here anymore?

In any case, I won't be in a few seconds.

Is anyone mlg anymore? I'm here so I can safely laugh at the irony.

This place is dead
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