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Human/Spiral or Beastmen Profile
Species: [Human/Spiral/Beastmen]
Gunman: (Pictures mandatory)
Weapons: (If Soldier)
Gunman weapons & abilities:
Motto: (Optional)
Team or Solo: (Optional)

Anti-Spiral Profile
Gunman: (Pictures mandatory)
Weapons:(If Soldier)
Gunman weapons & abilities:
Team or Solo: (Optional)

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((Making a species to be enemy/ally))
Species: Technion's

Home: T-5B X

Main goal: find and destroy a race of creatures that they believe caused there "Hack Alert Zero"

Basic Technion appearance: a humanoid blob with colored cercutery (main color is different for many Technion's).

Powers: can morph there bodies to any shape and form they need (I.e. a space ship; a human; a bike; a cannon), but there power is limited to how long they have lived, how strong they are, and on there current condition, so one who's heavily hurt and was just made would be only to be able to dish out a finger-flick of power

Weaknesses: water; "Hack Alert Zero"; other Technions

Bio: a race of technological creatures, they live on a far away planet, being like a metal flower. They have lived for years without harm, but one day, the first ever Hack Alert Zero started. Many Technion's were effected and started to become deleted code. Many were lost, and they were not gonna let that go so easily. There ruler, Omega Alpha, told them the race that gave them the virus, and did so every time Hack Alert Zero happened. Now, the Technion's next destination is the home planet of Earth.
((I'm bad speller))
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Name: Rhino Drakt

Species: Technion

Age: 50, but with his power, he looks 19

Appearance: (human form is all I'll get, but human form isn't what I'll have in mind)

Appearance: (Technion form): like any other, but his cercutery is yellow

Likes: humans; cats; animals; friends that will protect him for who he is, not what he is

Dislikes: Omega Alpha; Hack Alert Zero

Personality: kind and sweet; when friends are on the verge of death, he loses control and becomes something that is undescribable, that only he can become; he LOVES cats

Bio: he came to earth on the day that Simon and Kamina came to the surface. He was given the orders to pick up Intel of how humans act and what their weaknesses are, but he found more then just that, he found interest in them and decided to join the Frey with them. Over years, he was accepted and helped in any way he could. "I'll protect whatever I can to the best of my abilities!" He said to himself. He never backs down, even knowing that he betrayed his kind. He's an ally to humans and a secret weapon against the Technion's

((The cat loving part came from the picture, don't judge!))

Hey, I got an idea for a creature that I want to make, but the creatures aren't humans, spirals, anti-spirals, or beast men
Is it alright to make a species exclusive to me? Or make the species that everyone can use?
If neither is acceptable, well, I could deal

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Name: Alex

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Spiral)

Gunman: Dukenzann

Weapons: Nothing special.

Gunman weapons & abilities: Mostly standard, spike on back can be taken off and used as a sword.

Motto: It's best to overestimate your enemies and give them all you've got.

Team or Solo: Solo.
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Name: Matthew

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Gunman: Gurren Lagann (Gurren Pilot)

Weapons: See photo below

Gunman weapons & abilities: Flight, Drills, Boomerangs

Motto ("Inherited" from Simon): "Just who the hell do you think I am?"

Team or Solo: Team

Theme Song: Keep on Keeping on, composed by Sawano Hiroyuki and sung by Mizuki.
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Years passed after Simon the Digger and his Team Dai-Gurren stopping the Anit-Spiral's from destroying the universe and wiping out all existence. Now that Simon's Prime has passed it's now time for a newer generation to carry on his work to keep Earth and the Universe safe from the other Anti-Spirals and other things from attacking Earth and the rest of the Universe.

"Dig into the Heavens and Ascend into the stars!"


1. You can't Simon or anyone else from the show.

2. If you plan to become Anti-Spiral you can't destroy Earth or the Universe. You can cause Chaos but not can't destroy the planet Earth or it's Universe.

3. If your character dies in a RP. It is NOT permanent if you don't want it to be.

4. If you plan to have a romance please keep it from going too far to the point of Hentai. It's a public community and I don't want it to suspended.

5. If you have Hentai please keep it clean. Do not post porn pictures because again it's public. Private Post instead please or your post will be taken down and banned.

6. This takes place after the defeat of the Anti-Spirals from the past. So please don't bring any of the dead characters back.

Other than that... Dig into the Heavens and Ascend into the stars!
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