Citation Name : 2016 CLC 1824 KARACHI-HIGH-COURT-SINDH Side Appellant : ABDUL RASHEED Side Opponent : ALI BUXO. VII, R. 11---plaint , Rejection of ---Scope---Court should look plaint at initial stage to find whether application under O.VII, R.11, C.P.C. was attracted---If facts of the case justified applicability of O.VII, R.11, C.P.C., it must be applied for Rejection of plaintirrespective of the fact whether it was stage of disposal of application for temporary injunction or earlier stage---plaint could be rejected if it did not disclose cause of action or was barred by any law.

Congratulations :) FATA
The Long Awaited Bill is Finally Signed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, FATA is now going to be part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa once its being signed by the president. Political Agent will be Commissioner and Assistant Political Agent Will be Deputy Commissioner. Local Body Elections will held Next Year and InshaAllah FATA will have KPK Provincial Elections also for First Time in 2018. FCR will be Changed into Good Criminal Law, by Now the People of FATA can have access to Supreme Court & High Court. This is not an Ordinary Day in History, though It will increase Work Load on Province but the People of FATA are no more Deprived of the Fundamental Rights of Being a Pakistani Citizen. With this, 90% Population in KP are now Pashtuns.
Congratulations to all the People of FATA.

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S. 7(6)---Constitution of Pakistan, Art. 199---Constitutional petition---Re-marriage---Parties were husband and wife inter se and their marriage had been dissolved on the basis of Khula, vide ex parte decree dated 7-11-2009---Plea raised by parties was that suit for dissolution of marriage was filed on misunderstanding and both of them wanted to re-marry without intervening marriage (Hallala)---Validity---Approved mode of divorce, under Muslim family Laws Ordinance, 1961, was by one "Talaq" and such mode was obligatory for husband to divorce by one mode of "Talaq" other than "Talaq-e-Ahsan"---Couple could remarry without any intervening marriage ex cept where wife had been divorced thrice and third divorce had become effective and only in that case they could not remarry without "Hallala"---All divorces were revocable under S.7(6) of Muslim family Laws Ordinance, 1961---High Court allowed reunion of parties after revival of "Nikkah" particularly when wife was willing to live again with her husband and to perform her matrimonial conjugal rights within the limits ordained by the Holy Quran and Sunnah---Petition was allowed in circumstances.

S. 561-A---Inherent powers of High Court---Scope---Remedy under S. 561-A, Cr.P.C. was not an alternate or substitute for an express remedy as provided under the law---Jurisdiction under S. 561-A, Cr.P.C. was neither alternative nor additional in its nature and was to be rarely invoked only to secure the ends of justice so as to seek redressal of grievance for which no other procedure was available
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