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Order of parts: Djoxy (Done), Showdex (Done), iIZZIi (Done), CubicYT (Done), Djoxy (Done), T9125 (1min - 1min 6sec), Sioux GMD (1min 6sec - 1min 12sec) , ihasfeet2 (1min 12 sec - 1min 18sec), Landest (1min 18 - 1min 24sec) (Done), Blaze Flamer (1min 24sec - 1min 30sec),GroovyDJ (1min 30sec - 1min 36sec),JoobyNooby (1min 36sec - 1min 42sec),Corkscrew (1min 42 sec - 1min 46.5sec),Djoxy

Everyone can start making their part right now! See the last comment, important!And also, everyone tell what the last wheicle their part will use, so we dont end up having the same wheicles at the transitions, because that wouldnt be so great for sync. I will send everyone a message, and ask them this and the we can all start.

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thnx for accepting me. Im guessing I must wait till next collab.

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My Level, Deep Space, got rated :3

should i be worried that i already think my 1st part in cosmos looks underdecorated

Everyone, how about i start a hangouts group for cosmos?

Landest made his part!

So hows progress everyone?

+Geometry Dash Corkscrew+せきせかい​ Can u read the pinned post, dont want u to forget about this mc

+SpaceDog GD​ Hey, you could already give me the copy of your part
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