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I wonder what effect, if any, this will have on the policies there that we all so.... uh.... love...  :|

There seems to be a new opensim related group dedicated to firestorm on opensim....   and I was about to join it when I saw WHO was the owner.  Walter Balzerac.  WTF?!?!?  Seriuously, WTF?!?

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smmfh .........

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Does anyone know what kind of person this albertlr Landar guy is who's moderator at the meeting?  I.e. is he the toe-the-party-line gatekeeper type, or will he let the unflattering sorts of questions through?

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The rudest, nicest and the craziest states in the US. Find out now!

Earlier today, thoughts about the recent restoration of the ability to use the Hypergid to move between OSGrid and Metropolis were being discussed. I thought we might continue the topic here because everyone should have a voice. More importantly, the reasoning and resulting effect of the former ban on our communities should be discussed so we can learn from it.

While there are some folks who are happy to see Hypergid connectivity restored and some who don’t care either way, there are likely some folks who think it should not have been restored. I think the larger view should focus on why it happened and whether it violates our sensibilities of fairness, equality, and diversity. To do that, our study of history should be based on facts not rumor and speculation. 

I posted the facts after someone accidentally implied that Metro admins kept the topic “low key”.  In all fairness, she did later state that she meant it was “low key” in the community not that the admins had done that. Another clarified a totally unrelated hardware event at Metropolis restored the connection and that he felt it was wrong to imply there was any change of heart or action from OSGrid admins that restored the connectivity. (A change in IP was announced when new servers were brought online which restored the connection by default.) 

Zak (Metro admin) not only posted a public message to let everyone (including OSGrid admins) know that there was an IP change but also that it would eliminate the ban. He offered OSGrid admins his expertise in banning individual hg users as an alternative to re-banning the entire Metro community. This got me to thinking about how it appears an entire sub-community of users was essentially profiled and discriminated against as a result of the former ban and that we should do what we can to learn from it.

While I don’t have a need for the connection between OSGrid and Metropolis, I think the Hypergid should remain open to all grids for the benefit of others. I applaud the professionalism of Metro admins and will continue to be a supporter of their diverse community for many reasons. I accept OSGrid has the right to offer its services in any manner it chooses but I assert the right to disagree and not use their services. I’ve encouraged them to rethink their user policies that led to the former ban with no response. 

In the offline world, communities sometimes rise up and demand change when they see profiling and discrimination. Boycotts have been organized, riots have happened, and even wars have been fought,  with unfortunate loss of many lives – all in the name of equal treatment and opportunity. I am a survivor of discrimination yet I still face it every day in some form. I fight for others as well as myself – because it’s the right thing to do.

Turning a blind eye throughout history in fear of holding offenders accountable is directly related to the struggles of many to find equal opportunity and fair treatment even today. Profiling and discrimination of sub-communities of users is just as wrong online as it is offline.

So, no, I do not think we should keep the former ban “low key” and just not discuss it. We need to look within and ask ourselves if we took a stand to get the gate re-opened or if we took a stand to stop unfair treatment of others within the Open Simulator communities. 

When someone stops berating others because of their skin color, or  when someone stops harassing others because of their sexual orientation, or when someone stops demeaning co-workers because of their gender, is it okay to just let it slide and pretend it never happened? Who will stop it from happening again and how? Should we hold accountable all those who support the business or agency that allows it, promotes it, or even participates in it? 

When there were folks who left OSGrid as a part of their objection to discrimination against furries and non-age play child avatars, I had already decided to seek out another grid to call home. I welcome everyone as long as they are not engaged in hurtful behaviors. I think discriminatory policies in online communities are wrong and I chose to leave when I was told that was the new policy at OSGrid.

When the post was deleted by whoever deleted it, I wondered if the person who deleted it supports discrimination and censorship of those who don’t. I had to ask myself if the former boycott was any different than offline boycotts of businesses that discriminate. Then I wondered if people who support discrimination are truly uninformed or just as guilty. It’s a tough topic, worthy of discussion.

If OSGrid admins and its supporters choose to maintain discriminatory policies, they are choosing to lose potential community members who disagree with those policies. No amount of I’m sorry or silent inaction will change the facts or the environment established by those policies. I continue to encourage positive change at any grid with discriminatory policies through the removal of discriminatory policies. So far, these changes at OSGrid have not been visible.

Sensitivity training is available for those who foster discrimination. Prejudicial behavior is a learned behavior – you can unlearn it. If you see yourself in this light, drop me a line I will point you to a place to get help.

These are my thoughts; I would love to hear yours!

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SAVE OSGrid!!!  Apparently they are desperate for residents, or to get residents back.  So they drop little advertisements like this in the Metropolis sandbox.  Yet, the do not open their gate .. which is closed SPECIFICALLY to Metropolis residents.

I feel sorry for them ... OK ... I don't .. I just thought I'd try being nice .....

And specifically for this group ....  how fuckin pathetic can they get????

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OK ... the FIRST post removed.  I'm sorry ya'll.  I saw it in my feed and assumed it was local to me, not part of this group.  My bad!!

Ok I have an opinion! Now that I have had to take the time to change preferences yet again, modify settings yet again, turn off notifications yet again, G+ is still in such an unusable format with a layout I cant seem to change so that it is usable. Express your opinion via G+ feedback link (grey fine print at the bottom of the left side menu)! They will only pay attention if everyone screams! I guess they figure any publicity is good even if it is bad. Taking lessons from Facebook? Might be time for me to move on back to "real" usable websites - not data mining operations dubbed social media.
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