It's not working on Redmi note 5 pro. Please anyone help

Does it work in my OnePlus 3?

Can you allow more people into beta.
Im willing to pay for a spot.

Does this work on LGG6?

I'd love to see some of the functionality of plasmalite make it over into this. Mainly the ability to map a gesture to screen off through the lock button (instead of time out method)

I have SideSqueeze set to toggle the flashlight. I have found that if the flashlight is manually triggered, SideSqueeze will not know this and still maintains its internal, independent tracking.

Isn't there someway to poll the flashlight to see its state?

I am using SideSqueeze to trigger Google Assistant, but it makes it so that the "listening" tone (beep) occurs twice. Does anyone else experience this, if so is there a way to prevent the duplicate beep, or even both beeps? Thanks in advance.

Works on my note 8. Is there a way to take Pictures. I can get it to open the camera, but at nothing to take a picture. Would be nice to have initial squeeze open camera then long squeeze for photo. Also I can not get anything to work with screen off. My initial intention was to get the flashlight on without going into the phone.

Thanks for this app and your continuous efforts to improve it. It is working well on my note 8 Canadian version. If possible I would like to see some Tasker integration to enable or disable sidesqueeze. Thanks again.

Update coming, much work has gone into detection accuracy.
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