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New members please read before joining! :D

Welcome all! Here all LPS are the same. We are LGBT supportive, and are ment to benefit you anyway too!

What we are:
The LPS Commons is a place to:
❀ Enjoy time with friends, and make new ones!
❀ Post pictures! Share your skills!
❀ Get noticed! Post about your newest video here! I LOVE LPS LGBT videos! I want to learn about your crew!
❀ Chat about LPS!
❀ Share LPS art!
❀ When a new member posts, I'll share your post as a welcome!

Here are the rules:
❁ You must be 16 and under. (Parents rules) If you are turning 17 and the community has established a bond with you, you'll good to stay!❁ Be kind! This is a place of peace, no hate will be allowed.
❁ No inappropriate content. Use clean content, and be kind.
❁ No swearing or use of profanity.
❁ Keep everything LPS related please. (Unless your notifying us of you leaving, losing wifi, etc.)
❁ Kissing and Hugging is fine! (Feel free to hug and kiss all you want!)
❁ Be kind! This is a place of peace, no hate will be allowed.
❁ Have fun! This is a place to enjoy time with others and make friends!

I would like to have anyone who'd like to be a moderator fill out a form, so we know who you are. Thanks! ❤︎

Again, this community is open to anyone 16 and under! We're LGBT supportive and here to help!

Hello everyone! If anyone is new here, we appreciate you joining. Please take notice that we have young members in this collection, so don't make any posts that aren't age appropriate. Also, the owner of this collection is taking new mods! (Mod is an abbreviation for moderator)There is a special section in this collection just for you to check out if you are interested in being a mod. There is a application there for you to fill out.
If you are a mod, please remove spam, hate, and off-topic posts. We care for everyone's safety! Also, if someone keeps doing something that interferes with our rules, we are going to ask them to leave. If they don't, ask for permission to ban them.
Thank you everyone!

-Flame Wolf 

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Hello thank you for accepting me I am happy to join. Also I am 11 I did read the main post that was pinned that is why I listed my age. I am into girls, also I hope I can be friends with y'all. ^_^

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What lps set should I make?
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Living room/lounge
Other(say in comments)

Hey guys... so I haven't posted here in literally MONTHS so I figured you guys deserve to know why, but you really don't have to read this I might end up ranting.
So I'm bisexual, and I told one of my friends who is a couple school grades younger that I was planning on asking out this girl. And he was being supportive like "oh I think you should" etc etc. And then later on I see him by the locksrs and he says "just do it now, she's going to say yes." Turns out he told her. I was mad for a second, and then I was like whatever, at least I know she likes me back. Well. I found out that he didn't just tell her, he told his ENTIRE class. So that's what I've been dealing with. The entire seventh grade following me around asking me personal questions. Also some of you know I struggle with depression, so that's just a fantastic combination... anyways, I hope to post here more, but I'm going to a school competition this weekend. But ya I love you guys! Im sorry for ranting > _ <

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Well I need to post about my videos here 😅
I'm sorry, I've been super busy...

This is a weird little video I made about Problems with Roleplaying.
I roleplay... well... uhhh 😅... everyday... all day... if I can.. :whistles:
My friend and I have an ongoing roleplay we play everyday.
And with that, I've noticed some problems... 😒
Soooooooooooooo.... Enjoy this video about Problems with Roleplaying.

Note, I do know I may not have gotten them all, but this skit was improv so I had no script 😝

Thanks everyone!!
-Messy/Amethyst 😊

Fun fact, on the thumbnail, that is a real scene from the roleplays... see if you can read it!

Anybody have tips on asking parents for a lpstube channe? I have to ask my parents because I want to be successful and if I randomly have money they would be suspicious so.... please don't say to make it secret

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(This isn't LPS related.. o//o heh, but still.. HELP!)

Okay so for the past month I've literally said
"Bleh" in every sentence....
ITS LIKE: "Girl you best shtap rn or idk what'll happen."
BUT I CANT...bleh... >.<
Okie...welp, cya <3

You know that feeling when your EXTREMELY excited for something to come?
Yeah...thats me right now. ;w;
I can't wait for the LPS! They're supposed to come either April 12th or 29th.
Okay just had to get it off my chest.
(Not bragging in anyway. :3)
Love chu all. <3

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EEEEEEP!! I just ordered these new LPS shorthair's on eBay! They should be coming in about a week. And the total was only 10.00 + Free Shipping. Which tbh is a pretty good deal! I'll post a pic of when they come! <3

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Yeee. This are the shorthair cats I want. I really love these kinds of LPS. And I hope to get em'! <3 :D
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