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These rules may be subject to change depending on if they are no longer needed or need revising.
1. Be Respectful.  Everyone has different opinions, beliefs, abilities, and theories.  It's okay to question, but once you get to the point where could be considered either bullying or something of the like, we as mods and such will take action.
2. Mods and higher have the final say in all disputes.  Repeated offenses will get you kicked.  You will get three warnings depending on the severity of the actions in question.
3. Personal disputes will be handled in private so long as it is safe to handle them in private.  If it's something petty like someone said something that offended you, then keep it to yourself or between you and them.  If it's something like a death threat, report it to a mod and we'll take care of it.
4. Be mature.  Although this group may be home to people of all ages, there is a certain level of maturity we expect from our members.  Some goofing around is fine of course.  But there is a limit.
5. Keep foul language to a minimum.  I myself hate foul language in most settings and there will most likely be younger members on here as well, so excessive use of it will get you either suspended or kicked unless in the proper place or context to do so.
6. Spamming will get you suspended or kicked.
7. All fakes, trolls, etc. will be kicked without warning.  I don't think I really need to say why.

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Post has attachment can someone support my channel and subscribe to me😀 thanks

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Is the origin of vampires, werewolves, and dragons spiritual in nature?

Could I see a pic of a vampire and werewolf, real ones! I'm not a hunter I just really want to see one

HI GUYS (sorry for caps) I REALIZE I CAN START WINDS NOW! WOOHOOOOOOOO but they start small i cant make them stronger if i start them :( oh well.

Guys, im thinking about becoming an avian. I mean, i really like to fly, i did some research and found that the wings will actually penetrate through your skin and it will hurt VERY BADLY. i dont know, should i grow wings?

does this new group allow people to join in when they used a spelll to make them supernatural?

hello, thanks for adding me, i hope i can be of any use here
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