Hi everyone. New to godot engine. Tried to view a few toturials but my s4 mini screen is so small I can bearly see when they script in the videos. Anyone know where I can get proper step by step toturials? Thanks 

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after few weeks of hard working i finish the " Cosmic Driver " game it is Adventure game in another space planet just drive your space vehicle properly to achieve your final destination. it is available now on play store .
your support will be much appreciated !!

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Look it! a terrain editor for godot engine!

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Good evening!
I have published my first serious mobile game with Godot. It is called Squane and is now available for download on
I would VERY be happy if you checked it out, told me your experience and supported me by downloading it ;)

I also want to share my Godot experience with you.

Since the beginning of my Godot journey, I have been a big fan about Godot. Mainly because I think it has the best community and the game engine is not requiring a very powerful computer... unlike Unity3D and others.
Games perform very good on different devices and screen sizes.
It is SUPER easy to build a scene, programming is a bit difficult because the editor is not very comforting(Inability to fold code, small window etc.). I know I can use an external editor, but I haven't tried it yet.

Overall, I LOVE GODOT!!! I even suggested it to some of my friends. Godot is my go-to engine from now on!

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New Godot build! 2.1.3

Hola soy nuevo en Godot y tenia una idea para un juego, lo que quería saber es si conocen una forma de interconectar dispositivos por medio de una red wifi y que el juego se ejecute cuando X cantidad de personas esten conectadas, agradecería su ayuda :) -
Hello, I'm new to Godot and I had an idea for a game, what I wanted to know is if you know a way to interconnect devices through a wireless network and that the game is executed when X amount of people are connected, I would appreciate your help :)

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Thank you godot 

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