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A lot of general Godot-related links for you all.

If there are any general links you feel belong in this list, please leave a comment and we'll get them added. Tried to update/merge these into the community info but Google's being weird right now.


Download GodotEngine

Support GodotEngine Development on Patreon

GodotEngine on GitHub

GodotEngine Issue Tracker

GodotEngine Docs/Wiki v3.x

Godot Tutorial Database

Godot Asset Library

Migration Notes: Godot v2 -> v3

Godot Discord

GodotEngine on Reddit

GodotEngine on IRC (channel #godotengine)

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Here is a new #Godot 3.1 video for the thirdperson shooter demo project : - Please share this #indiedev #gamedev video

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A guy doing Godot Engine videos that I've discovered (and have no other affiliation with) not too long ago that I think is really doing it right. Each video stands alone, but works as a series as well.

Give him a look and maybe subscribe? We need a healthy variety of good and interesting Godot content providers. Thanks!
Game Endeavor
Game Endeavor

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Looks like Wild Jam has gone monthly. Consider giving it a shot. :)

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Godot could (always!) use your help... for some very specific issues...

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It's awesome to see a Godot Engine game take FIRST PLACE overall in the most recent Ludum Dare game jam!

Made in under 48 hours!

Congrats to @Goutye! (twitter).

You can find his game's entry page here:

Also, since the jam requires you to submit it, source code for the game if you're interested:

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Big Fat Open Source Music Library

Hi, Guys. I'm working on developing a Big Fat Open Source Music Library for game developers, youtubers, animators etc. Check out the campaign page and demo music. Show your support at Indiegogo campaign to make this a huge asset to our community if not then at least share this to help me reach wider audience.

Have a Nice Day ahead.

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Not sure how many of you participated in Ludum Dare ( this past weekend, but if you're interested in the jam games made with Godot, this is a growing list. Please let him know of any other titles you find, via Github, or via the Godot Discord's Game Jam channel, or even via Twitter at @pauljoannon so we can get as complete a list as possible.
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