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Thanks so much for your XBrowser app ! :)
The way it goes fullscreen in immersive mode and desktop mode is unique on my z4 tablet with keyboard and touchpad ! :)

BUT it doesn't display enough information (for example it displays only 19 conversations in desktop gmail, whereas apps like chrome can display the 25 conversations I have in a desktop gmail page), everything is a little too big. Could you please consider this ? Is there not like a ScaleFactor option you could use to display more content on my sony xperia z4 tablet ??
(I have mentionned this in a comment in a forum : )

Thanks so much for your feedback on this !
Have a great day


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Amazing browser my friend.
You should do something about the speed dial page (QA) and the icons for the added bookmarks. When we add a lot of bookmarks it does look very "boring" with the same globe icon for all the pages don't you think?
Maybe save the speed dials with the page's favicon would be an idea?? Or a thumbnails as many browsers use?
With the page's own icons/thumbs it would be easier and faster to find your desired bookmark.

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