Probably a dumb question. If you are trying to do netflow do you needs nfdump installed? I did follow the nfsen options but pretty sure there is more to it than that. I need to also verify what port i should have my routers export to.

I'm from Russia, therefore my English is poor.

When i search mac-address observium print all mac (in Trunk port too), but i want see mac-address belong only access-port.

Please add to file
$query .= 'AND (I.`ifTrunk` IS NULL)';
in next version of Observium.

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Hi. Can you are help me to add custom graphs in Observium?
Please see my question in ServerFault

I'm looking for cost for Observium hoping that someone can help me out with it.  What I'm looking for is to be able to enable the alerting piece. 

I've been using Observium Community Edition for a couple months now. I have added some links to other tools in navbar-custom-inc.conf. Is there a way to set a target of _blank so they will open in a new tab?

Guys, you really made a big deal with Observium. I installed yesterday and it's working like a charm! :) Congratulations and thanks for the amazing tool that you have created! 

Thinking of migrating from EZCacti to Observium as we are a heavy Cisco environment. Wondering if all the Cisco SNMP MIBS are available as we use the RF stats on 3G routers quite a lot ?
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