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This is my first community. I hope you all like it. You are an anime character you want to be. You can make up your own character. No, you don't have to be approved on your profile. Yes, you can have more than one profile/character on here. That's all for now! I hope this community grows well! Thank you all! 0w0

Name: Stardust

Age: 18

Grade: 12th

Species: ShapeShifter but is normally human but for the things she turns into they look a certain way

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has Long very pale Orange hair that at the tips it fades into white. She also Has pale Skin and purple eyes. Her outfits very so I will say what she is wearing at the start of a role play

Personality: She is naive, very sweet, but she tries not to trust people for fear she will get hurt. She loves video games, drawing, singing, and playing guitar. She is kind sarcastic sometimes and love Chessy Pick up lines and Jokes.

[#@(if you have questions about Vulpec feel free to ask)@#]

+Sugawara Koshi​ )) Stardust is Sitting against a tree in a human form, being she is a shape shifter, she is drawing a Dragon humming some song I heard some where when I hear a noise and I jump slightly being a very easy to scare

Name Ella Bat
Age 13
Grade 8th
Majic can turn into bat Mind controll and super speed
Species Vampire
Bio Is shy,cute,friendly,funny,nice,and lonely likes to read,draw,and likes to go flying with her parents

This is a reupload.
Name Emma Bat
Age 16/1600
Grade 11th
Personality shy nice cute not many friends but cares for the one she has
Species Vampire
Bio has only one Parent her Mom she was once close to humans and lived in a town of humans but one day they turned on their family and they moved here and I got enrolled in this acadomy
Apperence Long black hair Red eyes tall skinny and pale

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Okami Akiyama





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Well then I guess my friend +The lady undertaker​ was chosen from my whole gallery. ^^
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Name: The Joker
Age: 18
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: orphan boy that has no right arm, and got picked up by a man which rised him and some others and then created a circus with his friends. 

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name Hexia Lundsin
age 17
race dark fairy
gender female
sexuality straight
description black hair and one red eye the other is green
personality mostly quiet because everyone ridicules her for her hex magic. When the right person comes along, she opens up more
height 5'2
weight 85 pounds
Hex (short term)-these spells are not curses. But they cause the victim misfortune ranging from getting lost to death. This lasts for a maximum of a month
hex (long term)-this is the longer version. The tragedies are more brutal, like being tortured until driven to insanity. The torture varies from broken limbs to death
kiss of death this is a spell that's mostly a poisonous kiss. Whatever her lips land, the skin will break apart like acid and slowly decompose the body
nexus portal these are rips in the space/time continuum that can be physically created. Whatever goes it doesn't come out without her permission
elemental weapons these weapons can be created by only her. The weapons can be enhanced if it's pure element is nearby

bio at the age of 10, her parents went missing. That was the day she stopped talking to others. She doesn't stop traveling because she can't stand being in one place for long. Now she has forgotten about her parents, and fends for herself without any outside support

likes dark places, rain storms, talking to herself and casting spells

dislikes loud noises, annoying people, bright lights and being outside a lot

weapons she has a sword made of black rose vines. If she squeezes the rose shaped birthmark on the palm of her hand, the vines will form, wrapping around her arms
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Name: Ella Kye
Age: 17
Grade: 7
Magic: able to change her appearance and gender
Species: witch
Gender: Female
Appearance: she has many appearances but prefers having pink hair, golden eyes and pale skin
Personality: crazy, fun loving and constantly happy
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