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It's it weird to make daily multiple list?
I think it is from the incredible fear that I'm going to forget something. Or its a mom's inventory of all the accomplishments.
Its like I'm in my own repetitive around the clock universe where I can't even fathom doing something not mother-ly or wife-ly. It is my identity. I enjoy it's bitter sweet! I'm tired and stressed but also blessed with the most indescribable bonds a human being can have! But at the same time I kind of get jealous of the mom's that aren't so organized or strictly mom...they have girls nights without worrying whether or not the kids are sticking to their routine or if the house is running well without them. Those mom's don't care if things are perfectly in order so they aren't stressed! Am I crazy or is it natural to be like this as a mom of 3 and wife of 15 yr. Relationship?
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Normal and natural
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