Hi everyone who wants to do a yaoi or hentai or incest roleplay let me know and we do it on hangouts ok alright and add me and send me a message ok alright thank you and greets from me xxx ^^😉 😊 ☺

I was wondering if someone would be up for a roleplay c:
If yes, just kik me @nareku  

[Fire Emblem Awakening roleplay. I need a Validar, and many others yet to come. OCs are allowed, but Validar is desperately needed.]

Fire Emblem: Fallen Memories

So, you know how Robin was Chrom's tactician and saved the world from the fell dragon? Well,.......let's forget that and go back about 20 years. What if the mother didn't escape with the child, trusting that her husband (Validar) would raise the child well? The story I will tell you is nothing you've ever heard before.

The queen (Jane) was the mother of the soon-to-be child. Her screams of labor terrified the guards who stood by the door. And in the hallway was a pacing young male known as Validar. He was the king of Plegia. He promised to his people that his child will bear the mark. The woman he wedded was a street performer with a strong bloodline. She was the perfect candidate.

Another scream interrupted his thoughts. He prayed to Grima, hoping his child would be the one.

I was wondering if someone would be up for a roleplay c:
If yes, just kik me @nareku  

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Would anyone like to rp

This is my oc

Name- Dylan
Age- 19
Race- Human
Wants- Dominated older man to cuddle
Likes- Video games, books, the guitar, sing,
Dislikes-Bullies and trolls
Hobbies- being a you tuber
Summary- Dylan started youtubing at 13 after his mom died as
a way to cope and from there he took off quickly gaining lots of followers and really started loving it.


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Name: Takashi Rakuyama
Age: 19
Height: 5' 5"
Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: Green
Species: Switches back and forth between human and neko.
Personality: Shy, quiet, typically keeps to himself. Is easily flustered.
Likes: Animals, sweets, music, being treated nicely, books.
Dislikes: The dark, rude people, being alone for long periods of time.
Secret turn ons: Dominance, spanking, Daddy kink, tracing down his spine and back.
Seme or Uke: Uke
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Hi everyone Who wants to do a yaoi or Hentai roleplay with me Let me know ok Alright greets from me xxx <3

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Hey Roleplayers! I have a few rules to lay out before this community really kicks off, so please read below and we can get started.

1) When roleplaying be sure to check with the other person(s) comfort level before launching into a kissing scene, fighting scene, or just whenever your character will be using strong language because you never know what or what not the person you are roleplaying with will be comfortable with

2) Pay attention to the kind of role-play the person is requesting. For example, if somebody lists the role-play as a yaoi/gay role-play, don't ask for them to make it not gay or try to make the character not gay. It's not cool.

3) Check to see if the poster wants their role-play to be literate or if they don't really care. Some people will want 7+ sentences per response and you need to respect that. And posters, BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. We can't read your mind so if you want a 7+ sentence response be sure to say so

4) DO NOT god mod. Everybody hates it. A role-play has 2+ people for a reason and it is aggravating when you try to control their characters.

5) DO NOT steal other people's characters or role-plays or pictures. If you would like to use a picture or use somebody else's role-play as reference for your own ask for permission and give the person a chance to say yes or no because a lot of people work hard to put their role plays together and it sucks when their hard work is stolen without any credit being given to them.

6) Be polite. If somebody says no to you don't throw a fit and if somebody asks something of you that you don't like don't get catty. It sucks on either ends and it may impact whether or not people want to role-play with you

I believe that is all I have for now, I will let you all know if I think of any more so stay tuned.
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