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name: amber white
age: 21
sexuality: straight
sex: female
(looking for male)
*was at a club dancing with my friends as i wearing a tight black dress and my hair was longer it was down to my shoulder.i wonder off to get a drink. I order a drink as i feel a hand on my back. I turn around to see a male handsome and taller then me by a 5 inches. i smile as i offer him a seat next to me . as he does we both smiling as he cleared his throat....

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Name: Jake Howler
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, Gentle, Caring, Strong, Smart, Selfless, Adventurous, Protective(with people I love)
Likes: Sports, Science, Both genders(weak spot for shy females), Adventure, Action, Fun
Dislikes: Mating right away, Mean people
Appearance: (1st and 2nd pic)
Height: 6,5
Bio: I have a sister and we go to school together in WolfBite High. I also have a friend that's a deer. We lost our Father in the war with the humans, but I never hated the humans even for that. I am an expert in combat and I have the power of Water
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