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As you may know,some of you have been promoted,that is because I trust you and believe that you would make a great figure of what you were promoted to. I am the owner here,I can't make a pinned post but I will watch over the community and check on it,everyday and I'm a friendly guy,I recently discovered that I'm a werewolf with dormant genes. Be nice here and don't lie or pretend

The Super moon is tonight!

Hello. I'm new here and I don't want to start any fights with the admins. I'm just complicated. Black wolf.

I'm recruiting for a pack, it's baised in Ireland Midlands, if you don't live around there then you can't be accepted. To be recruited you must be aged 10 - 16, living around Irish midlands, be able to meet when required and have a kik or hangouts.

To be recruited answer these honestly

Experience in magick (If you do spells)
Agility (out of 10)
Speed (out of 10)
Intelligence (out of 10)
What rank are you willing for

Thank you for applying, if you did

Here are the listed ranks available

Beta (s)
Gamma (s)
Lead hunter (s)
Hunter (s)
Warrior (s)
Watcher (s)
Doctor (s)
Pup sitter (s) [unlikely but if it's only one available then must be taken]
Omega (s)

Yay I have been waiting forever to be accepted, finally a non roleplay!!! Anyway I wanna introduce myself, I'm Bey bows I'm in a pack called Lupus Pack, with Shadow Shifter839. I an half ink demon and have been doing Magick for about 2 years now. Thanks for accepting me!!!

Is anyone on rn? Because I think there is something in my room. I was meditating and entering a phantom shift when something pulled on my shirt. Before that happened I started getting anxious and scared. After the entity pulled on my shirt I began feeling like I was being watched and started shaking uncontrollably. If anyone knows what this is please help.

I need a favor. I need a ring

Hey, I know a lot of you probably don't think it's possible, but I came up with a curse to make someone into a werewolf. Anyone want to test it out for me? I just need your full name and a picture of your face. Thanks!

Who’s on right now

I need someone to talk to... I was pregnant but I just miscarried
Being a goddess in a vessel sucks
Hmu if you can help me through this
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