Name: Dawnfur
Age:13 years
Likes:Leafpool, caring for kits, hunting
Dislikes:Tiger claw
Hi! I'm Dawnfur! Little bit about me, my mom and dad died when I was 10 from dogs, I love to hunt and care for kits!

Name. AmberFur

age: {living} 15 Moons

clan: Thunderclan

mom: Kittypet

dad: Rogue

mate: None

kit: None

crush: BrambleStar

likes: the lake, memory of the forest, Bramblestar, Mice, Water.

dislikes: Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Ashfur, Any dark forest cats.

backstory: Was found on the old forest border by Firestar before they left for the great journey. Fell for Brambleclaw but gave up when she saw him and Squirrelflight. Now is deputy of Thunderclan.

"Hi! I'm Swankit!"

Name: "Well, Swankit, DUHH!!"

Age: "I'm two moons old!"

Likes: "UMMM, I don't know yet!"

Dislikes: "Uhhh, I don't really know!"

Mother: Open

Father: Open

Brothers/sisters: Open

Appearance: "I'm white, with black stripes around my eyes! That's why mommy named me Swankit!"

Backstory: "I don't know. All I know is that I live in the nursery and play with other kits!"

Example: Swankit snuck out of the nursery, a mischievous smile forming on her face. She bounded through the leaves until she arrived at the bubbling river. It gurgled and churned, and she was amazed at all the fish darting around. A hunting patrol came by, and she jumped in the bushes.

Hey, peeps. I haven't read the Warrior Cat series, but my friends have. I was wondering if maybe an owner could invite my friends? +Paipaiwa_10_Games +ShadowGirl 22000 <-- that one, or +ShadowGirl 2000 <-- that one. If not, that's fine, but just tell them I sent you. :)


Yay! Wait..... is there a possibility I can be a Starclan cat?

Name: Robinfur
Age: [living] 13 moons
Clan: Starclan
Mom: Poppyfur
Dad: I.. don't know... I guess a rogue..
Mate: None.
Kit(s): None. Medicine cats aren't allowed to have kits, you mousebrain!
Likes: being a healer, helping out around the clan
Backstory: I used to be in ThunderClan until someone [TIGERSTRIPE] pushed me in the river that Sunningrocks was in. Now I'm a part of Starclan!
Race: Icepaw
Job: Healer [sorry i don't remember the name for the medicine cats]
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