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Here are the rules for this community.
1. No bullying if you do you will be ban.
2. Nothing inappropriate
3. No cussing
4. No stealing art and OCs
5. No fighting
6. No drama
7. No fighting with me or the mods
8. HAVE FUN!!!!
I will add more as more problems come up.

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Hey say a number 1-10 and you get if you say the number im thinkung of! I already got the sude done!
Its a sog btw (lol)

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here someone can have a free egg and if u want just tell me what u want it to be and it will be that.

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Hi welcome to this communitys first "MOD APPLICATION!" Today im going to be hiring 3 mods if u want to apply to be a mod follow the intructrions below.
1. answer the following on a post(u make the post with the following questions with your answers)
2. tag me(if you can)
3. put this hashtag on the post #modapplication
Now onto the questions for the application. Someone of them i just need to know and those are 1,6,7 and 9.
1. Have you been a mod on another community?
2. Are you fair,kind,nice and willing to help the other members?
3. How many hours a day are you online?
4. Are you willing to take over for me if I have to go on a trip and have no wifi or I don't have a device to get on to G+?
5. Are you willing to help promote this community and get more members?
6. How many community's have you been banned from?
7. Are you willing to do truth or dare post?
8. Are you willing to do contest if i put your name on the post?
9. Are you willing to help others and/or ban ppl who post not appropriate stuff?
10. Are you willing to have fun?
That's it for this application I will decide in a week or more(depending on how many apply for it.)
Also comment below if you if your applying please so i know how many(i know this community does not have many memebers yet.)
Meme for attention!(i made it)

i'm new-
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