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+Warriorcats And Survivors And Seekers i Enjoy Books​​​​​​
+Irys Demuth​​​​​​
+Wolfy wolf​​​​​​
+Razai: Warrior​​​​​
+Midnight Arca​​​​​
+Rebecca Coggins​​​
+Milan Sween

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Name: Thunderstorm
Rank Leashed Dog
Gender: Female

Breed: GSD

Age: 1 year

Personality: Kind, caring LOYAL.

Bio: IN RP. 

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Name: "I'm Current"
Age: "I'm about a year old in dog years"
Gender: "I'm a girl"
Breed: "A lab collie mix"
Personality: "I'm sweet, kind, a little bit loyal, and emotional"
Likes: "Looking up at the moon, and chasing small animals throughout the forest"
Dislikes: "Being told what to do, being told that I'm a mutt, and when things go wrong"
Bio: "I was born on a farm in the country to my parents Scarlet being my mom she a collie and to my dad Shade. I have 4 brothers and 3 other sisters. Everything was great up until our human owner started to train me, my brothers, and sisters to be working dogs. I didn't do well at my training and I got made fun of by both my siblings and by the other animals that lived on the farm. One night I had enough of the teasing so I sneaked out of the house during the middle of the night and ran off into the woods. My collar is the only remainder of the happy times that I once had with my family though, but I'm happy being a forest dog"    
Credited Artist: Kamirah

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Crystal walks through the woods, she sniffs the air, still looking for a pack "ugh, I'll never find a pack at this rate" she mutters

Is there a pack? If not, can I start one?

Name: Starlight
Breed: Fierce Dog/ Collie
Eye Color: Blue
Color: Deep gray
Markings: White speckles, muzzle, paws and ears
Status: Lone Dog
Backstory: Kicked out of an extinct Fierce Dog pack as a pup for being different.

Mother: Katana
Father: Stab
Siblings: None

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( open roleplay )
Ninja walks around the town. She eventually reaches a small run down house. she sits in the dead grass out side of it. She looks around. With nothing to do, she lays down and then......

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Name: Fleet

Gender: Female

Breed: Pitbull

Age: 1 year

Personality: Kind, caring, but can be vicious if needed, in self defense or in defense of her loved ones.

Bio: Fleet was breed and raised to be a fighter, she went from countless homes, and was used sometimes for fighting or for guarding a house. Her most recent home had a little girl, who loved Fleet, but fleet ran away, and lived as a street dog sense.

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A large, but not fully grown black-and-white husky bounded around in circles in a newly cut yard that was fenced with white painted planks of wood that had not one speck of dirt or residue covering it. The people the dog belonged to had just moved in, and was already loving the space and running area. The white planks of clean wood were tall enough for the husky to stand up and lean against, but tall enough that he couldn't leap over the fence and run off.
Then the screen door that lead to inside of the human's house opened with a slight annoying sound of metal against metal. The husky turned to see a smaller, but as hyper s himself, dog padded out, her tounge lolling side to side as she ran towards the black and white dog. The black and white dog head butted his chest a little before sitting down and speaking.*
''I'm lovin' this place already!''
The pittbull mix said excitedly, her long tail wagging very fast.
Then she stopped wagging her tail and perked her ears, her body tensing as she heard leaves and twigs crackling from the forest in front of their new home. She walked towards the fence and jumped up, trying to get a view of the dog or other animal that cracked the twigs.
Denali chuckled a little at the smaller dog and stood on his hind legs, leaning on the fence to steady himself. With his ears perked and swivelling, he peered into the forest, his lighting blue eyes glimmering.
(Open Roleplay)
~No One-liners
~No Text Talk
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Please don't copy anything from these profiles please, these are my dogs and I'd appreciate it if it stays that way. ;3
~Alias Information~
~Name Is Unknown
~Name Is Unknown
~Purebred Siberian Husky
~Most likely a Staffordshire terrier x Pittbull mix
~Sneaky, Sassy, Talkative, Social, Energetic, Attention-seeking, Friendly, Affectionate, Intelligent, Stubborn
~Playful, Cuddly, Affectionate, Only aggressive when provoked or sees someone close to her being hurt, Sweet, Over-protective, Doesn't trust other people easily
~Getting into the recycling bin, Being troublesome, Ripping up his toys, Stealing stuffed animals and blankets
~Stealing Denali's toys, Cuddles, Blankets, Food, Treats, Chasing Cats
~No treats, Not having human food, Being ignored, Being alone, Cats
~Strangers, Her old home (if you could even call it a home.), Cats, Loud noises, Being yelled at, Being ignored, Rough-housing, People fighting
I'll include their biography's later ^^
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Name: Eden
Age: just out puppyhood
Relationships: none
She is a very kind dog that ran away from her comfortable life with the upwalkers to live on the streets, she is known for her loyalty and skill in hunting
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