Name: Noah Akamichi
Age: 19
Species: werewolf
Powers: primal senses, enhanced agility, speed on par with Sonic the Hedgehog, elemental magic, usually has a pair of mini crossbows on his hoops when human.
Likes: his pack, making friends, having a good time, evil (just so he can beat the living crap out of it))
Dislikes: none.
Personality: a bit childish, loyal like a dog to his friends, never likes to do things alone, but will if no option is available, affable, seems to use catch phrases from random sitcoms ((ie. "You got it dude" from Full House)), loves the night like it's his girlfriend...
Bio: Noah is the leader of the Sagittarius Wolfpack, a pack of werewolves who are hunters. Not much else can be said about him as his past is one thing even he doesn't know. How did he become a werewolf? Why him? Too many questions without answers!
Slogan: It's gonna get wild! Just try and stop me!!

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Name: Jared Matthew Eric Lammi-Hedgehog
Species: Möbian Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Likes: His friends, adventuring
Dislikes: Evil
Powers: Super speed, teleportation, transformation
Skills: Can run super fast, can teleport, can transform
Personality: Mainly laid back, can sometimes get into a short temper
Bio: Was born on Earth in 3224, but moved to Metropolis shortly after. The rest, they say, is history.

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Name: Connor
Age: 15
Region of origin: Sinnoh
Team: Insurgent
Team role: Area Denial/Weapons specialist
Gender: Male
Main team: Pidgeot, Venusaur(Nickname: EPIC MOLD!), Infernape, Blaziken, Zorua, Kadabra.
Catchphrase: {Photo 1}
Favorite food & what fuels my bike: {Photo 3}
Relationship: <DATA UNAVAILABLE>
Bio: <Bio is similar to +Gabriel Czupinski's bio up until a certain point> Connor was fused with a Zorua to combine his already heightened mental capabilities with Zorua's ability to create an illusion. It was a complete success, despite him being in a coma for a few weeks. When he woke up, he looked completely like a Zorua, but then hearing that a Zorua had been fused with him, he knew that it was still him under the hood, transforming into a look in-between a Zorua and a human, but hiding most of the things that were not like he normally was under his jacket and cap. Until he met someone who had gone through the same pain as him, he met and became friends with Sir Gabe, who had been fused with a Honedge.
Character theme: 
- BW/BW2: "Wrapped in Black" BW remix by ArcanaAaron
- XY: "My Destination" by NemesisTheory
- CX-4 plane/spaceship/boat/submarine/mechsuit-hybrid
- CXW-1 Particle cannons(built to break shields)
- CXW-2 Gravity flux cannon(built to destroy weapons of mass destruction)
- CXW-T Light-based turrets(to stun enemies)
- CR-1 Bike
- Can have any hand weapon mounted
- On foot
- CW-1 Railgun(50m Range)
- FN Five-seveN pistol

Special skill: Soul Connect
Special skill description: allows the user to connect to someone's soul and help them out.

Text = Speech 
(Text) = Thought
[Text] = Narrator
<Text> = Computer message
Text = Action
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Name: Shiro The Hedgehog
Age: Unknown (Physically 16)
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog (Mobian/Anti-Mobian)
Birthplace: Space Colony: ARK
Personality: Usually stoic, serious but he has his "moments" from time to time.
Bio: Was created by Dr.Gerald Robotnik as the successor to Project: Shadow. (You can pretty much call him his little brother.) Unfortunately, this never actually came into play, as the whole G.U.N incident forced them to abort the whole project. Like Shadow, I was put into suspended animation ejected out into the depths of space. Years later I was found by the later generation of Robotnik's descendant's Dr.Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik. Personally, I had no interests of serving the doctor in his feeble attempts of overthrowing Knothole (Or Nanite City in this case.) and taking complete control of Mobius. So eventually, a few days later after duking it out with the Hero of Mobius: Sonic The Hedgehog and the other Freedom Fighters, I betrayed Robotnik (Eggman), not to mention trashing his base in the process. After the incident, I set off as a mere "traveler", traveling all over the planet as well as Anti-Mobius, Downunda, etc...
Skills/Abilities: Not very different from Sonic/Shadow. Spin Attack, Spindash, Super Speed. Though not nearly as fast as the blue speedster himself I can reach speeds over Mach 7. Also, like Shadow I can tap into the Chaos Force and use its various abilities to my advantage.  I am also much more physical, always preferring to settle fights in pure hand-to-hand combat.
(Eagh, I know i've done long bios before but jeez. Anyway I might end up updating this later on...or whenever i'm not lazy to. To add to the bio Shiro hasn't met Shadow yet due to "Shadow Fall" AKA Sonic Universe# 59.)

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I stood on an unused/abandoned section of the station, watching various trains/ rail infrastructure rumble by...
Honestly...when was the last time I ever visited Metropolis....wasn't it when I was still sided with Robotnik...i'm sort of glad I left...
I continue to ponder my actions, unaware at the possibility of someone stumbling upon me.
{Open RP}

sits on +Junko Enoshima Robotnik's lap is in my 3 year old form yawns , curls up

arrives It's been a while since I have last been here.

walks onto the docks My equipment should arrive any day now...

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Name: Lumi
Species: shiny Mew
Gender: Female
Level: 100
Moveset: Psychic, Water pulse, metronome, Healing wish
Likes:food, water, friends,and +Junko Enoshima Robotnik and her family
Dislikes: Bullies, seeing pain,grass types ((with few exceptions))
Trainer: +Junko Enoshima Robotnik
Bio: Once abandoned, and set out to find a new home. ((Has one now))
Extra info:
•can bend water
•Guardian of Luminous Springs

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Name: Colossus Retarie Robotnik
Species: ???
Gender: Male
Likes: ???
Dislikes: +Junko Enoshima Robotnik +Ivo Robotnik
Bio: Classified.
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