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Dear all PBL group 4+6 members,
Thank you all for these past nine weeks, for 'hanging in there' during the first confusing weeks and for time spent on task, for fantastic posts, feedback and presentations and for laughs and friendship along the way!! You've all done a fabulous job!
Wish you all the best for the coming holidays!!

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Concluding discussion from me. :) Good luck everyone!

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Here's my last reflections on this ONL venture. Cheers//

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Dear collegues, thank you very much for inspiring discussions and nice collaborations. Here are my final ONL-course blog post. Hope we will stay in touch.

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Dear Group 4 and 6 members,

Thank you for all the support you have provided me during discussions of this course. We will keep in touch. I have given the link below describing my reflections....

Dear all,
I think it's time to present our prezi presentation for Topic 6 to the community. If it's ok for you, I'll do it.
Please, let me know :) 

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Dear colleagues, I've just seen this short video posted elsewhere by Alistair and I find it aptly summarizes some of my main impressions on e-learning. In short, it both puts the role of technology into perspective and points to the core ground where learning really happens.

Dear all, 
Lotta, Simon and I have filled in the Prezi presentation for this topic. 
Before we make it public, please, go and have a look and you are welcome to add some more comments.
If anyone knows how to put hyperlinks in the presentation, it would be nice to a link to ours blogs for this topic  in circle n.13
Have a great Sunday :)  

Hi everybody,
based on the preferences in doodle, I have created a final event fort topic 6.
See you later at 6.
Have a nice Saturday :)
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