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Thank you for attending our presentation, Intentional Online Interactions- The Importance of Purposeful Engagement with the Virtual Student. 

We have added some discussion questions to keep the conversation going. Please feel free to share your thoughts. 

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Thank you for joining us for the webinar yesterday! I wanted to share the link to the ELI Orientation since we didn't spend a lot of time on it.  Here is the schedule, description of the session, and access to the recording - What are you all doing for an orientation or information session for students getting started? Do you have subject specific sessions?

Please post introductions here. Tell us about yourself!

How do you maintain inclusivity in a virtual learning environment? 

What are methods of assessment being employed to measure the effectiveness of programs and services to engage your online students?

Looking at the three tier approach that we mentioned within our presentation to assist in creating purposeful engagement with your online students (Peer to Peer/ Faculty, Staff and Resources/ Life Skills and Competencies), How would you be able to implement within engagement on your respective campus?   
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