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Nickname: doesn't have one
occupation: unemployed

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Name: Poisondawn

Nickname: P.D or Dawn

Age: 16

Race: Miraci fox (3 tailed fox with wings)

Gender: female

Abilities: Shape-shifting (She has wings, but she's never used them for flying apparently just an 'extra feature')

Sexuality: straight

Likes: Being Alone/Darkness/Food/Lots of other things

Dislikes: Remembering her past

Bio: P.D is pretty friendly, but would rather spend time being alone and hiding in the shadows....She doesn't like to be bothered, but will communicate if talked to....she's actually pretty shy and is a huge germaphobe...She'll get frightened by a simple high-five.... She is very solitaire and also independent she does make mistakes a lot, but she refuses to ask for help...She doesn't like others very much becoming her friend is a challenge in the first place, if you manage that....Well if you lose her as a friend...You won't be forgiven....

((Sorry the art isn't very good...I'm not the best when it comes to art...I'm new to anthro's...XD))

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welcome to all kinds of furry hehehe.. anyone interested join this group . please create your profile and post a picture of your furry XD

Greetings to all. Alas, as of this time, I lack the artistic skills to bring my dreams to life. So for now I will simply introduce myself by my created name, Lua. I will be happy to talk to anyone desiring my time. I hope to finish the creation of my character soon and join you in your endeavours.

For now these are the details.
Age- 21
Sex- Male
Species- Fox (considering dragon instead)

Still a work in progress for the personality but going for timid or shy.

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(Art not mine)

Name: kuro

Nickname: pyro

Age: ???

Race: wolf

Gender: male

Abilities: dead ringer and fire

Weapon experience: master

Professional at weapons: all weapons

Sexuality: straight

Likes: blood, guns, blades, fire, likes to help others

Dislikes: bullies

Hates: ???

Bio: as a kid, he was always shy and was sometimes made fun of at school but was also cared and cared for his friends and family. One day he used fire and started to use knifes and started to love weapons like gun, fire, and blades. Rumors say if you go to the ally where he burned 6 kids who were bullies at his school, you could hear there souls screaming in pain with fire melting there skin away. Another rumor say if you look at kuro's eyes deep enough, you can see the action on what happened in the ally. So kuro decided to where either a treach coat or a assassin jacket wearing a gas mask over his face. He will do missions like assassinate a target for a good deal or trade.

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Name: Zero
Age: 17
Race: unknown
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: the color black, and scary stuff. ( along with gory things)
Dislikes: many, but isn't a mean person.
Hates: judgements about her being a emo
personality: Quiet, Emo, shy. But enjoys company when depressed
Bio: Everyone thinks I'm weird, partly because I've earned myself the reputation of a pyhco freak in school. I've been bullied all my life. But people misjudge me easily. Inside I'm nice, and loving. But I get mad easily. 

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((Helloooo Thanks for letting me join .3. let me just throw my bio right on up here))

Name: Sasha Phillips


Species: Fox

Gender: Female/herm((My OC is a succubus, so I can switch in between both))

Likes: Chocolate, Mt. Dew, Video Games, Jogging, Reading, Swimming, Parties and Clubs

Dislikes: Vore, "Golden Rain", Bullies, Jerks, Abusive people, Players, Obsession

Personality: Kind, Sweet, Seductive((Depends on person and mood)) Aggressive((At times))

Country Origins: France

Accent: French

Bio: Sasha never knew her family or parents, so she lived in an orphanage until she was 18, she was bullied throughout her school years for her height, after she graduated college she started to work at a club, starting as a adult dancer and over the years becoming the manager, she got a small deal from a friend, so now she also runs drugs and high class weaponry through the club, helping her launder money, sh currently lives alone in a large Condo downtown LA

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Nickname: The Hooded Teeth.
Sexuality: [UNKNOWN]
Phone Number: Last Phone Number Recorded: "582-681-7889" Current Number Unknown.
Behind Bars History: None Recorded. Once Almost Caught On June 3 2000.
Criminal Proof: Seen With Unknown Weapon, Blood Drops Running Into A Forest From A Scene, Other Classified Evidence,

Almost Nothing Is Known Except That I Might Be Around 30 Years Old.

what does NSFW mean? i wanna know before i post anything else so i don't accidentally get myself banned
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