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~Welcome to Camp Half-Blood demigods!

1. Please no spamming!
2. Please Do Not Curse, or say any innapropriate words
3. Be kind to other people
4. Your weapon's power cannot be as powerful as an god
5.Your pets cannot be powerfuller than a god....Just to make it fair :)
6. You cannot use the character in the book
7. No OP (Over powered person)
8. No interruption in rp...
For the picture, real life and anime picture recommended





Daughter/Son of



Cabin number







~Have fun!!!! :)

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You saw sinder outside in the forest you come up to her you say "hello"

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gєи∂єя: cider
gσ∂ℓу ραяєит: Artemis
weapons:bow and arrows (she regenerates them

(Discovers Later: fast speed)

Detailed Appearance
вσ∂у ѕнαρє: hourglass
єує ¢σℓσя: green
нαιя ℓєиgтн: long
нαιя ¢σℓσя: blond and blue
ѕкιи: light
ѕcαя(s): N/A
Bio: was abandoned in the forest by her own parents was never found so she connected her self by nature and the nature goddess was her mom all along.

credit to artist: its_Lopez
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Name Jake

Nickname Flying dude

Son/Daughter Nike

Age 14

Personality Victorious, Winning, Kind, Loving, Funny, Shy, Flirty, Quiet and loud at the same time, Tough, Brave, Innocent, Careless, Silly, Happy, Fun, Elation, Cool, Fun to hangout with

Power I can fly, I always have victory-when I want to, I can shapeshift

Weapon A dagger that has an super sharp point

Likes Flying, Friends, People laughing, Victory

Dislikes Cheaters, Haters

Pets Hawk, Named Dude

Romace ....i shall think
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I'm reposting this cuz I want a different appearance XD
also, this OC is based off of me in real life! :)

Name: Erin Solace

Nickname: Writer Girl

Daughter/Son of: Apollo Apollo's my favourite Greek god :D

Age: 14. I've already been claimed by Apollo.

Personality: Friendly, Perfectionist, Honest, Imaginative, Calm, Warm, Pure, Playful, Energetic, Thoughtful, Competitive, Generous, Polite, Stubborn, Self- Conscious, Ambitious, Adventurous, Trustworthy, Creative, Eager, Striving, High-Spirited, Spunky, Hopeful, Shy (mainly around strangers), Quiet, Gentle, Clumsy, Outgoing and Teasing (mainly around friends), Eccentric, Curious, Loyal, Diligent, Intelligent, Poetic, Writer, Modest, Caring, Charismatic, Musical, Artist, Compassionate, Passionate, Understanding, Genuine, Helpful, and Sensitive. I can also have a bad attitude since I get frustrated and impatient easily...

Romance: Dating Jake, son of Nike

Cabin Number: #7 (Apollo Cabin)

Besties: Diana, Violette, Jesse, Blythe, Christina, Julia, Crystal, Flora, my table group, etc.

Weapon: I have a dazzling golden bow and arrow with many types of arrows, including sonic ones.

Abilities/Powers: Being a child of Apollo, I'm an expert archer, and I'm skilled in physical contests and games. I'm a skilled musician, as well as excelling in the arts. I possess Audiokinesis, which means I can make a sharp whistle-like sound that can temporarily stun my opponents, making them clutch their ears in confusion. I also have Vitakinesis, which means I'm a natural healer; I can heal people by singing a hymn to my father in Ancient Greek. I can curse others to speak in rhyming couplets that can take days or even weeks to wear off, and I possess a limited form of precognition, which means I have foreknowledge of an event. Since Apollo's the God of Truth, I'm also pretty intent on always being honest.

Pets: N/A

Likes: Writing, Reading, Music, Winning Contests, Art, The Daytime, Archery, Hanging Out with Friends, Practicing my Powers, Peace, Making People Laugh, etc.

Dislikes: Failure, Humiliation, Losing, Bullies, Being Ignored, Loud Noises, Darkness, Liars, People Talking Bad About Me Behind My Back, etc.

Dreams: Hmm... I have a lot... I really like art and writing... and I am dedicated to loyally helping and caring for anyone in need.

Appearance: lol, i know she looks much older than 14, but let's just pretend she's 14 XD
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Name Jackson

Nickname Fire Boi/boy

Age 14, I've been claimed, yo!

Daughter/Son Hephestus

Cabin 9

Personality Think of Leo Valez!

Power I can create fire or fire balls from my hands, I can create thing snd make them into life.

Weapons A hammer. Hey, you might think it's useless, but this little guy can create a huge explosion

Romance Yo, bro, I'm okay with any ladies!

Likes Fire, Mechanic, friends

dislikes Meanies!!!

Pet(s) This little guy, Flame
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It was 9:00 pm in Camp Half Blood, which means it was time for the campfire. All of the demigods gathered around the fire as the Apollo cabin led campfire songs. The golden fire rose over twenty feet high, glowing in the dark night. The campers happily sang along to songs such as, "This Land is Minos's Land" and "Down by the Aegaean". Arthur, who was a new camper and was still yet to be claimed by his godly parent, sat next to Blythe on a log, smiling as the flames of the campfire warmed his pale face. He rubbed his hands together, hoping that he would finally be claimed at this bonfire. His 13th birthday was a few days ago, meaning that he could be claimed any time soon. Arthur learned that the most common place for demigods to be claimed was at the bonfire, so he eagerly and impatiently awaited for that moment to occur. This night, he hoped to sleep in his actual godly parent's cabin, not Hermes' cabin. He honestly didn't really want a certain god to claim him; he just wanted to be claimed in general. A lot of people commented that he was most likely the son of Hephaestus, which he was fine with, since he loved forging things. As Arthur's head swirled with excited and nervous thoughts, Blythe nudged him and handed him a s'more, which he accepted and started to eat when you approached him.
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Name Violette

Daughter/Son Apollo

Nickname Violet or Singer-girl

Age 13

Personality Singer, Musical, Quiet, Really shy, friendly, Careful, Gets bullied by alot of people, Bold, Funny, Nice, Kind, Loyal, Trustworthy, Lovable, Lovely, Introvert, Nerdy-as people call me, Fashionble

Romance I guess I'm looking for one......

Power I have a bow and arrow that I shoot and it could go around half of the world and I have singing abilites.....secret

Besties I am totally new

Cabin Number 7

Likes Music, Singing, Friends, Fashion

Dislikes Hurting people

Pets Pixie, a rainbow tiger
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Name: Flora Gardner

Nickname: Flower Girl

Age: 15. I've already been claimed.

Daughter/Son of: Demeter

Personality: Gentle, Kind, Brave, Determined, Sensible, Likable, Hardworking, Generous, Patient, Loving, Curious, Courageous, Creative, Bubbly, Fun, Determined, Understanding, Agile, Compassionate, Selfless, Pure, Nature-Loving, Free-Spirited, Caring, Modest, Non-judgemental and Helpful

Romance: Hmmm....

Cabin number: #4

Besties: Erin, Diana, Christina, Blythe, Jesse, Violette, Julia, Crystal,

Weapon: I have a flower crown that can turn into a sickle that I use as a weapon.

Powers: I have Chlorokinesis, which means I have the ability to control plants, so I can telekinetically manipulate fruits and vegetables (Plant Telekinesis), and sense the location of various plants with superhuman precision (Plant Sensitivity). I'm a natural cook, and as a child of Demeter, I am able to summon karpoi. I'm also able to use plants to teleport to different locations; for example, I can use that teleportation ability to escape enemies if I need to.

Pets: I have a little bunny named Blossom.


Likes: Peace, Nature, Animals, Cooking, Working Hard, etc.

Dislikes: Bullies, Loudness, Aggressiveness, Fights, Destruction, etc.

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Name Juliane, call me Julia!

Nickname Geek-girl

Age 15

Daughter/Son Athena

Personality Geeky, Kind, Smart, Clever, Sly, Graceful, Lovable, Genius, Cool, Not so popular, Sporty ( Surprisingly), Tough, Brave, Chill, Caring, (Can be not-so-chilled heh) Funny, Atheltic (although, people make fun of me..) , Hipster

Romance I wish....but hey, I could find one if I wasn't so....Geeky...I wish people liked thle way I am...

Besties Flora, Crystal, Christina, Blythe, Jesse, Erin, Diana

Likes (psss....don't tell anyone but....i love fighting!!), Besties, Stuff

Dislikes People gossiping...

Power/Weapon Power: I can outsmart everyone and speedness, strength. Weapon: I can do hand to hand challenge....but, I havee an Unvreakable strength dagger.

Pet(s) Madam Storm, She's a griffenish type

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