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With the body design that appears sturdy, nikon underwater camera Coolpix AW130 has brought 16 megapixel CMOS sensor and 24mm lens with 5x optical zoom capability or equivalent 24mm-120mm lens

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grabado con una canon 5d mark iv

Greetings Everyone!

Here are some new free tracks to kick off February:

On the Events/Travel 2 Page:
"Soaring Over the Heartland"

On the Fantasy 8 page:
"Troubled Forest" (Looping)
"Stroll Through a Strange Land" (Looping)

And on the Puzzle 3 page:
"Platform Puzzler" (Looping)
"Light Puzzles" (Looping)

Have a good week!

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This is Associate in Nursing in-depth Nikon 85Mm 1.4 G Review f/1.4G AF-S lens that was declared with 3 alternative lenses in August of 2010. Ever since the manual focus AI-s version of the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 lens was introduced back in 1981, the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 lenses are used as references for very good sharpness, best-looking bokeh and delightful color renditions.

Here are some new tracks to start February:

On the Events/Travel 2 page:
"Magical Day"

On the Fantasy 8 page:
"Magic Carousel" (Looping)

And on the Funny 4 page:
"The Fishbowl Circus Returns" (Looping)

Have a good weekend!

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Here my last teaser for the next project movie on the Filmsupply Challenge 2017.
Video link :
Try to watch it and if you like it, you could write a commentary or a Vimeo heart on the video.
Hope you will like the story too :)
Thank you

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Aerial shot from Reunion Island

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