Hello my wonderful tributes!!! It is time for the 77th annual Hunger Games!!! Last year's winner was +Amber Ivey. She has the option of whether she wants to participate or not this year. She gets the automatic spot of the District 5 girl if she wants it. If not, anyone can take it.
Now it's your turn! Want to be a tribute? Post your name, age, and requested district down below. If you like, you can tell me about your skills and why you want to be in the games, but that is not a requirement. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Victory has come my way. Finally, recovery was very quick, as I avoided direct attacks and relied on my traps.
then came the recap and interview.
I watched the video of the games and was shocked.
I saw many tributes die quick who I never bothered to get to know. Still they were humans.

Then there were others.
My rival, the career leader who I argued with. Dead from my lethal drinking supply trap.
I had beaten him, but I fought cowardly.

My lunch mate who I shared many a forgetful afternoon training and avoiding the inevitable. Butchered by the careers 5 yards from my camp.
I could have saved him, but I ran. His scream will haunt me forever.

Then finally. My "friend" Vivian who I hunted tributes in the arena with and killed with the underhanded neckbreaker.
we knew we couldn't both win. But her blood is on my hands.

I think of myself in training. That nerd who hoped to live past the cornucopia. Now I have to live with myself as the vicious coward I've become.

I spend my free time until next season training Rachel. The family will be 2-time hunger games champs #thechampishere

did someone delete my victory post.
If I can't use my sponsor's gift; I do a neckbreaker improperly on Vivian severing her spinal cord, causing death.

the nerd is panicking as he walks into the training center.
hes learned a few tricks in training and remembers his Boy Scout training.
He starts with archery; misses twice, hits mid-target twice and scores a bullseye.
then he walks to the short range; his spear skills are mediocre at best, he can barely lift a sword and it takes 5 min. to destroy the target.
In Hand-To-Hand; He remembers his days as a pro-wrestler. brings the practice dummy down easily and slits the throat with a small knife.
then his heart soars as he sees copper wiring and an electrical circuit on the weapons display. He quickly wires a booby trap. the target nearest the trap is Immolated by the electrical current. on a human this would be fatal.
the gamemaker says "thats enough" and the nerd leaves hoping something impressed him.

Just so everyone sees this:
I have rigged 3 electrical traps that only I and the Gamemaker (David)
know where they are.
after 1 charge the system will fry. so their 1 shot deals.
1 is lethal.
1 will paralyze you from the legs down.
1 will knock you out for 1 hour.
may the odds be ever in your favor,
the science of electricity and the human body is in mine.
also, I'll reveal trap locations for up to 3 allies.

District Two Female:

This was the biggest moment of her life. Even the Games themselves would pale in comparison, because this determined how she would fare. Scores; they were everything when the career pack, which, up until now she had been a part of, picked it's tributes. It would also decide who they would target first. And who would target her.
  Walking into the the great room, she glanced around quickly, taking in her surroundings. Where to start? Her eyes found their way to the knives. She had worked with them a lot at home. Even though her family were all stone workers, they never let her slack on her knife training. This was what she gravitated towards; these tiny little blades that could inflict so much pain if wielded correctly. And she could.
  Taking three in her left hand and two in her right, she entered a circle of dummies, gazing blankly at her. It felt almost real, like the eyes of dead tributes waiting for the hovercraft. She shook off the thought immediately. That would come later. Feeling the eyes of the Gamemakers upon her, she threw the two knives at once, watching as they tumbled through the air. They glided together at first, but then split to hit two different dummies. Before they struck home, she had already launched three more. 
  Standing back to gaze at her handy work, she noted with satisfaction that they had all met their targets. Now it was time to have a bit more fun. She walked over to the fire station, grabbing a few matches and some paper. She also grabbed some paint. Wrapping the paper around the knives, she tied it off with blades of grass. She then went to each of the dummies and painted a name on them, all of which were recognizable to the onlookers. The fire danced dangerously close to her hands, but the burn only helped her concentrate on their position. Letting them fly once more, her eyes reflected the fire that had spread across the dummies.
 "You are dismissed." The voice rang out from a speaker system. Turning around, she exited the room without a backwards glance. Let the Games begin.

+starbuck crew 
District 11
I wake up early in the morning thinking that I should get training. I decide that I will practice spears. After I have breakfast and get dressed I walk down to the training area.  I grab a spear from the rack and pick it up I see the farthest I take a deep long breath and loosing my grip I throw the spear it hit the Bulls eye. I do this with the other 4 3/5 of them hit.

After the spear station, I decide that I should do some survival training. So i decide to do the fire station. I walk over there as I walk over there I watch the other tributes do there stuff. I'm finally there going up to the Stuff that I need to build it. I gather them up and make a fire within a second. I built that fire with 1 mirror, 1 log, and 1 flash light. I decide to make a different fire with different material. I take 2 rocks and a log and rub the rocks together the fire sparked the first time but did not make a big fire. 

Then I walk up to the archery station and pick up the shiny silver bow. I pick up a silver arrow and load it in my bow I pull back the string. With the string up against my check I take a deep breath closing one eye I aim and shoot it hits the bulls eye. I go back to the rack to get my second arrow. i walk to the line where I'm supposed to be at and load the arrow. I take a deep breath and it hits the head right in the brain. For my last arrow that I do I close my eyes because I'm scared I shoot take a large breath and i shoot it hits the shoulder. I'm done at that station 

Then I go to the sword station. Taking the sword i walk up to the dummy say the persons name that I really want to kill and say "Good-Bye Sleep tight and never wake up again" and stab its heart the I go to the next Dummy and swing my sword at its head  the head falls off

Then i go to the sorting berries station to sort good berries to bad berries. The first round I did it in 2 mins and I waited to see my score it was 100%. Then the next round start "ha" I said to myself I can bet my record. I did indeed in fact I did it 30 seconds with a score of 98%

+starbuck crew 
District 11:
After all the weapon training I think i should do more survival so i go to the healing station. Like Rue she was good at healing things and I'm her cousin. I see a person who has tracker jacker bite and I put leaves on her and in a couple mins she was healed 
Then after the healing station I walk over to the camouflage and I paint myself to camouflage into the ground then I re paint myself and camouflage myself into a tree   I say thank you to the gamemakers and walk out of the room
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