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Welcome ....
.... to those joining this community via FutureLearn's Digital Marketing course starting on 17 October 2016. I did the 1st running of this course and as part of my engagement on that course set up this community. It would be great to see any posts of your discoveries from this 3rd running of the course.

The advantage of posting here is that you can share your content more widely over the internet than simply with fellow learners within the FutureLearn platform.

I have done a number of MOOCs and other online training courses on the FutureLearn and other platforms per the summary @

I can mainly be found on Twitter @srjf(

On the topic of digital marketing, I posted the following as I started this course:

"Having had marketing education to first degree level (Stirling, 1980-84) and to masters degree level (MBA, Strathclyde, 1993), I would want to go through classic marketing strategy steps for any organisation I was working with and include in that strategy any digital elements that are now available to us. What is our product or service? What are our target markets and who are our target customers?  What is our pricing strategy? How and where do we want customers to buy our product? How and where do we communicate our product's existence and influence the decision to buy?

For some of us, our product is digital (e.g. I have previously worked for an academic publisher whose content is all online and who digitised all their back print catalogue going back c100 years via the British Library).

Given that my marketing education pre-dated the internet, I was hoping to get a refresher of that training with digital considerations superimposed on that. I still need that sort of content.

I would also be interested in the level of marketing education/training of delegates on this course. In my opinion, marketing remains a core discipline for any organisation.

I really do want to investigate how (or whether) the marketing discipline has changed fundamentally as a result of the internet and the consequent enabling of digital processes. If anyone can recommend any resources in this area, I would be very grateful."

I found the following Philip Kotler video whilst studying off-piste on this course. A classic summary of the marketing disciple from its foundations to today:

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Online reputation management (ORM) is a critical consideration for any business, restaurant and travel-focused brands in particular. Nowadays, what people say and write about your business on social media, in discussion groups, on industry forums or review sites has much more impact and influence than what brands convey in their owned media and advertising efforts.
#Reviews #Socialmedia #Businesses #ORM

See more here:
Online reputation management (ORM) is a critical consideration for any business. Check this How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business #Infographic

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I'm currently working on a new business idea. I would <3 to hear your thoughts on this 5 min survey. #YourDigitalBehaviour 

Hello all, I am excited to be part of this group, but I must confess I'm still finding my feet here. I need help on how to get along

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Hi, I'm already reasonably comfortable with G+, Twitter and other social media which I use to promote my photography but would love to get some more insights into how to fine tune my activity - especially how to crack that hardest nut of all, Facebook.

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3 most underused techniques on how to get website traffic for free on your blog or website. Driving relevant traffic is becoming difficult day by day

Hi all, am really enjoying the course so far. Can any previous learners (or even current learners) tell me if the content will still be available after the end of week three? I'm going to be out of the country next week and am worried I won't be able to do everything before I go.

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Hope you don't mind me sharing this blog post. Taking part on this course is what encouraged me to write it and is hopefully a bit of storytelling about me!
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