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I set up QFH antenna yesterday. (2m and 70cm)
I worked JA3 and JA6 ,Using SO-50 and QFH antenna.
I heard my voice by loopback.

QFH antenna: QSO
The maximum elevation pass should be at least 35 degrees.

RX: TH-K40 TX TH-D74 / FT-817 de JH1DIS
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Pretty neat image received from NOAA 19 sat yesterday using a DX Patrol SDR and a vertical antenna 

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FO-29 beacon received and "logged" with rtl_power with an RTL-SDR receiver and a vertical in its last pass. Nice doppler shift visual in there. 

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ISS SSTV today
AOS pict and LOS pict,, Not so good timing 
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A new amateur radio satellite to play with. One with a limited power budget, so availability will be an issue.
Also, make sure you don't use more power than needed so the transponder is available for everyone and the power use is minimal.

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N4KGL RaDAR at Opal Beach EM70 MI CQ 7.031
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Satellite: SO-50
Location: Pensacola Beach
Grid: EM60mi
start: 11/5/2016 7:16 PM UTC
end: 11/5/2016 7:30 PM UTC
Max elev.: 68
Uplink: 145.850
Downlink: 436.795


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It would be nice to do a Sat pass at or 30.2710,-86.00000

It is grid square boundary EM70/EM60.which is at N. Walton Lakeshore Drive and the beach. Beach access could also be made via Camp Helen. So it would be a twofer for those that collect Sat grid squares.

Greg N4KGL

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+Peter Goodhall gave a talk at the last Amsat-UK colloqium about his portable (or not so portable, but from remote locations) amateur satellite operations. The talk was recorded by the BATC and made available on Youtube.

It's a real nice talk, I enjoyed it.

Found at

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