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Mark C

Discussion  - 
I am brand new to this type of forum.  It was recommended to me as a source of support to find two great-great aunts who were born in Boone, Iowa and both left Boone, became nuns and spent their adult years in St. Louis Missouri and possibly Kansas City.  I have checked with many religious orders in that area and none have records of them.  I know the exact date that one of them died in St. Louis, but am unable to find any trace---has anyone had any experience or tips on finding religious people?
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Here's one for the smart ones of the community. Facts first and questions at bottom.
1. Andrew J. Bonebrake, b. 20 OCT 1831(1832) - d. 6 FEB 1874

2. 1860 US Census Andrew has $2000 and is a Saw Miller living with his sister and brother in-law Levi and Susan Bonebrake. No Lydia in the area.

3. Andrew J Bonebrake m. Lydia K. Main 14 MAY 1863 in Fountain Co., Indiana

4. Children in home:
* Known Children born to Andrew & Lydia Bonebrake.
** Might be Lydia's sibling, daughter or cousin. This was right after the civil war and plenty of father's were killed.

** Clarrie Main b. 1860 in IOWA. m. In Parke Co. On Dec 31 ?
* Allen Bonebrack1870 (can't find)
* Isabel Bonebrake 1867 (Can't find)
* Sherman Bonebrake 1865-died in California and m. Bella Folley/Foley 3/3/1894(found)
* Elizabeth J. Bonebrake b. MAY 1864- d. 22 SEP 1864. (Found)
* Adora Bonebrake (found grave with no date, place suggest she died young.)

5. 1870 US Census says the family has a family member 10 years old named Clarrie Main born in IA. And who is the other members in the family. (Adora and Elizabeth died before 1870)
133b 6 64 64 Bonebrake, A. J. 38 M W IN
133b 11 64 64 Main, Clarrie. 10 F W IA
133b 13 65 65 Bonebrake, Henry 60 M W OH. (Andrew & Susan father)

6. Andrew Bonebrake dies 6 FEB 1874 leaving Lydia a widow with six children.

7. Lydia Bonebrake marries again a Jose Butler 5 AUG 1876.

Where is;
1. Mr and Mrs Jose & Lydia Butler?
2. Mrs Clarrie?
3. Who are the other two people in the house in the 1870 census besides
~a) Andrews wife Lydia bonebrake
~b) Andrews son Sherman bonebrake?
Two children past before 1870
~c) Andrews dau. Adore Bonebrake
~d) Andrews dau. Elizabeth J. Bonebrake
4. Who was Lydia K Main married to in Iowa or was Clarrie illegitimate.
5. Lydia's maiden name if "Main" is not it.

looking for Clarrie's husbands name in my notebook.
Fountain, IN 1860 Federal Census This Census was transcribed by Shirley Walker and proofread by for the USGenWeb Census Project, Copyright 1999 by Shirley Walker ************************************************************************ USGENWEB NOTICE: These ...
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Many Germans from Russia homesteaded in Iowa. Was your family one of them? Tell us your story.

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