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How to learn drug designing online?

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Title: In silico designing of power conversion efficient organic lead dyes for solar cells using today’s innovative approaches to assure renewable energy for future
Authors: Supratik Kar, Juganta K. Roy, Jerzy Leszczynski.

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I just would like to let you know that I made a simple web interface for several machine learning algorithms: prediction of boiling points of alkanes, prediction of solubility of organic compounds, prediction of melting points, mutagenicity/toxicity prediction. The app is available at If you have any comments/suggestion  how to improve the app feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

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Final Call For Oral Contributions - German Conference on Chemoinformatics

The divison Chemistry-Information-Computer (CIC) of the German Chemical Society cordially invites you to participate in the 
11th German Conference on Chemoinformatics.
The conference will take place
November, 08. - 10., 2015
FULDA, Germany.

There will be sessions on:
Chemoinformatics and Drug Discovery
Molecular Modelling
Protein Modelling
New Developments
The aim of the conference is to reflect and highlight the new role of cheminformatics in the modern information world. It will span a wide range of subjects related to the use of computers in chemistry, pharmacy, materials science and biology; from chem- and bioinformatics to explicit modelling and from industrial applications to fundamental academic research.

The scientific programme will include plenary and contributed lectures, research telegrams and posters. The deadline for submissions of oral contributions is June 30, 2015. The deadline for poster submissions is August 30, 2015.
See more details at or call for papers.

Confirmed Speakers:
Jonathan W. Essex Southampton/UK
Chris de Graaf Amsterdam/NL
Stefan Güssregen Frankfurt/DE
Stefan M. Kast Dortmund/DE
Nicola Richmond Middlesex/UK
Joan-Emma Shea Santa Barbara/US
Andrew Torda Hamburg/DE
Registration will soon open at:

The organizers.

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I am currently mastering my skills in machine learning and made several small projects of machine learning application in cheminformatics using RDKIT, Pybel, and Sklearn (links to ipython notebooks can be found here Also I am looking for an opportunity to contribute to a project(s) related to cheminformatics/bioinformatics/drug discovery. A more detailed information about my background and computer/programming skills can be found in my CV ( Please let me know if my skills can be applied to your projects. I'll be glad to discuss that in more details.  

Thank you,

I am an organic chemist (Ph.D.) who became highly interested in cheminformatics. I taught myself how to program (more specifically in Python) and I am currently looking for a job in the field of cheminformatics. I've noticed that there are only few job openings available in that area. Is it because I am looking in "a wrong place" or indeed, there is no need in cheminformaticians (I am talking about US job market only). 

Any comments/opinions are highly appreciated.

NEED HELP....Urgently...
Is there any tool to create the SMILES of NUCLEIC ACID polymers form their sequence as "ATGC" or the way of joining them... or any related infoemation ....please forward me
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