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ギャングスタ  Episode 11 Abscence.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I skipped an episode discussion, but I can't do much about it now, can I ?
In case you're wondering this post is going to include Spoilers.
Down here I'm going to post some links to some places you might be able to see the episode in case you've missed it.
North America. (requires subscription).
France and other french speaking countries (such as Canada.)
Australia and New Zeland.
United Kingdom. (even though I've got no idea on how this site works)

「Spoiler Alert just in case.」

Only one episode to go. Then Gangsta will end. Don't you feel sad deep within yourself ? What will happen afterwards ? I guess we'll find the answer to these questions when the time comes.
But more onto the episode itself.
The hunters.
These guys are pretty nasty. In my opinion they're pretty over powered. I guess there's an explaination as to why they're able to instant kill a lot of highly trained professional twilights nearly effortlessly. I look forward to it.
Sure you may argue that the gas they used weakened the twilights a lot but still... that doesn't explain why they've got superhuman speed and reflexes.
And I don't know you, but I can't stand the blonde girl hunter, Sig. Just like Gina says, she's way too arrogant. As for the others, it's still too soon for me to express an opinion. 
Except maybe for the guy whose name is Striker. He seems to be merciless and extremely cruel. So yeah, he's not really a good person. Also I noticed that the Hunters (except Emilio) refer to each other with guns names such Colt and Beretta. I'm pretty sure that Sig is also a type of gun, but I've got no idea on Striker.

I'm pretty sure what happened to Doug will make sad a lot of fans.
You know, right after Galahad rushed to him and held him in his arms,
his attempts to speak really saddened me. I felt a lot of pity towards him during that scene. 
However, I want to hope that he's not dead yet. 
Yeah, it's hard to believe but I've got a gut feeling that he may survive.

Delico and Yan.
When Delico will find her sister, it won't be a happy family reunion. 
I also enjoyed the fact that Yan joined him in his search. 
I've got a thing for solidarity, thus I really liked it when Yan said that he was doing it because they are a family. 
I find it a little bit paradoxical, because they're supposed to be criminals and all, but they're not portrayed as bad people; (excluding Corsica, that man is evil) in fact I find myself sympathizing with them a lot.

Other things.
Alex finally remembered Emilio; poor Connie gets kidnapped by Beretta and we find out that Giger and Gina are lesbians. 
Although I've got a question: where are the Handymen ?

Thanks for your attention. Here you deserve a prize.
Have some Provolone:

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First World of Anime Girl Awards! Vote now for your favorite in each category! 

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Happy new year. Embrace your monster👹👹👹

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Little gangstas

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These characters are so amazing. I can't wait to see where the series goes character wise. So much has gone one in the last couple of chapters Im on edge to see what happens to them in the coming chapter updates. 

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Gangsta Nicolas Brown Twilight Dog Tag V02 in a Box Unpacking 

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Doug * ^ *

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I love nico!!(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
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