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Today I decided to try making my version of "Buck Rarebit" ... cheese on toast, fried egg and a side of bacon!

My measurements are very approximate as I generally just use my eye.

For 2 people:-


25-30g butter
Table spoon of flour
Splash of wostershire sauce (or balsamic vinegar if you have that instead)
150-180g of mature cheddar (my favourite is extra mature cathedral city)
2 large eggs
4 rashers of streaky bacon
4 Thick brown/wholegrain bread


Melt your butter, then add flour. Mix in hot pan until it forms a thick dough like consistency

Slowly add some milk, small amounts at a time until medium thick sauce. Then add your wostershire sauce, pinch of salt and pepper.

Add your cheese then, once cheese has melted in Leave to cool. (This helps the sauce brown when toasted)

Lightly fry bacon, then place onto baking tray alongside bread.

Place sauce onto bread and put under a high heat grill for 5 mins (or until golden brown)

Whilst grilling, fry your egg. (I don't flip my egg but use butter/oil from the pan flicked on top of egg for a runny yolk)

Assemble it on your plate & enjoy!!

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Very Easy Cheesecake!


Digestive biscuits
Mascerpone or soft cheese
Icing sugar
Topping of choice (Daim, Toblerone etc)


Crush half a bag of digestives to smithereens
Melt butter (around 250g)
Add biscuits to butter
Put into ramekins and squash down evenly

Mix soft cheese and icing sugar (5 tblspn approx) then add some of your Topping. Example: diam cheesecake I'd crush a bar and add to mixture

Spread over biscuit base & set in fridge for an hour.

Additional diam can be added for decoration.

Examples below are "reeces peanut butter cup" "diam" & "Toblerone"


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