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Mohispac Foundation team  is wish you happy christmas and happy new year 2016 and God bless you abundantly for  your time to volunteer with us and to work  with us for the year 2015 and we welcome you once again to work with us in the year 2016 and we are still accepting applications  for volunteers in the year 2016.Dont delay to apply to work with us at orphanage centre and at environmental issues and so many others related to communities.
NB.Dont forget that to join with us at Christmas celebration with vulnerable children.
Pr .Makenya
Executive Director
Mohispac foundation
Mobile +255716876742/758888193
Box 77624-Dar-Tanzania
Web :  

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I am  founder of Kamachumu Environment Care Association. Is NGO with environmental care in Tanzania. We establish tree nurseries, tree planting and care forest in villages working with the local people. Support us
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Mohispac Foundation is a children and youth safety organization established to save, help and protect the undeserved, impoverished and vulnerable children and youth. We are fully committed to the growth and development of the lives of children and youth who would otherwise not have access to education, health care and safety, nourishment and/or social structure.
We believe children and youth are the gate keepers of changes, who if safeguarded and promoted well, will benefit their communities and the country as well socially and economically. Thus why we are looking for volunteers to travel to Tanzania on December 2015
to celebrate christmas with vulnerable children who lives without
hope.We are doing this every year for more than 100 children to make
sure we prepare delicious food for them,sports and so many gifts like
clothes,toys,books,balls,pen,pencil,exercise books etc.The event will
cost $500 any interesting guys can donate to make a huge difference to
our children lives.Mind you that no experience required and no age
restrictions,Supervision provided,No large fundraising.The harvest is
plentiful but the workers are few.Thank you for making what we do
possible.May the love of God shine on you and give you peace when your
prepare yourself to be a part of the event.
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