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Tesla selling solar at night in Hawaii - (

Tesla is a well-known electric car company that is trying to revolutionize the solar industry. Their most recent project was in Hawaii, where they incorporated batteries into the solar system so they could push solar energy into the grid at night.

The installation includes a 13-MW solar system and 52 MWh of batteries that can store energy during the day and dispatch it after the sun goes down. The normal cost for diesel plants is 15.48 cents and electricity costs 27.68 cents.

As we reported, Tesla acquired SolarCity in November, and this project is a culmination of that. Because of Hawaii's location, it has the highest electricity rates in the United States, and they have a goal of going completely renewable by 2045. They typically rely on oil plants which are extremely pricey and haven't figured out how to incorporate solar into their system.

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Executive Career Advice (

Each person's career is different, but there are common tips that can apply to many industries and job levels.

Here are some career tips to follow:
Run towards chaos - Many career advances are when people jump into a mess and fix it.
Follow up & be personable - It pays off to hold people accountable and follow up on projects/deadlines.
Be honest
Be respectful of everyone
Help yourself & others - Working as a team is important.

What do you think of these career tips? Have you used any of these in your own positions?

Employment law is our focus, and we can help you with most legal issues that involve the workplace. Call our firm today (415-200-3704) or visit our website for more information.

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All Nations Rise, Denver March 10. Photo by Redhawk.

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Quote of the Day

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Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't. ~ Bill Nye
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Being a new entrepreneur can be tough. Watch out for these marketing mistakes during your first year in business.

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Solar inverter efficiency - (

Solar inverters are the piece of the PV system that converts the DC to AC...essentially, the piece that converts solar energy into usable grid energy.

If the solar inverter is working at 100% efficiency, then all of the solar will be turned into usable energy, rather than useless heat. Determining efficiency can be difficult, but it boils down to two types: peak efficiency and weighted efficiency.

The peak efficiency rating often comes from internal manufacturer testing, although it can come from third-party testing, and realistically, the inverter will only operate at this peak efficiency for one hour a day.

The weighted efficiency rating is an average of multiple efficiency times and is a more realistic number at how the inverter is operating.

There is a long history of efficiency testing, which you can read here:

The significance of this efficiency rating is profound. Panel efficiency only hovers around 20%, and each percentage they gain is significant, as it adds 1% more energy into the grid. The inverter is definitely not a place to skimp on your system. If a homeowner puts up a 5-kW system but the inverter is only 95% efficient, then in terms of energy production, it is only a 4.75-kW system.

In addition to reliability, price, and manufacturer capability, the efficiency rating is a serious consideration when choosing an inverter for your system.

If you're in #Texas or #Oklahoma, and need help choosing a solar system, we're here to help. Contact us today!

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Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
- Lou Holtz
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