I'm not sure how I missed this at last Tandy Aasembly! Cool project. We need this on the Tandy CoCo.

I think that the trs-80 app should allow you to use your default keyboard

Anyone know a site where I can download a valid model 1 rom? Any help would be seriously appreciated

Downloaded this the other night and I can't wait to start playing with it. But what can be downloaded. In the future, will that library be expanding? I'd love to see some Coco 3 ports in there. This was mainly used as a gaming & learning computer in my family's house as a kid. Ones I'd like to see are: Interbank Incident, Rocky's Boots, Pitfall, and Thexder.

I've used Settings to choose the ROM file (Model III), but when I try to start the app I just installed, I get the "no valid ROM found" message.

The app is Defense Command and it is set to use the Model III.

Am I missing something?

I had the TRS-80 when I was a child and I'm very happy to see this emulator . 😃

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We have got some huge performance improvements in store that we will release soon once we tested it thoroughly. Before going into any details here is the before and after side-by-side, recorded from a Google Pixel phone:

I was always sad that on my modern Pixel phone the performance seemed pretty bad. The phone couldn't possibly be too slow for this task and after talking to +Arno Puder a bit about how the CPU emulation worked it seemed clear that something else must be missing here.

When looking at the Pixel's CPU usage I could see that it didn't do a lot, so it's not that the emulation was inefficient and just using a ton of CPU cycles. It just didn't seem to use them efficiently.

Long story short, we found the bottleneck eventually and fixed it. It has to do with the way the emulator would send the screen buffer from the native to the Java layer where it would get rendered.

Stay tuned for the update soon :-)

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The RetroStore will be officially launched at tomorrow's Tandy Assembly (10/7). Watch the presentation live at 11 a.m. PDT:
Tandy Assembly
Tandy Assembly

Sascha & I will be presenting the TRS-80 RetroAppStore at the Tandy Assembly meeting. If you are close to Columbus, Ohio on the weekend 10/7 & 10/8, please stop by.

what are the commands you can use?
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