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Meta Knight respect thread
This is my Meta Knight respect thread. This is a thread of all the feats that I could find about Meta Knight. This will include the games, the anime, and his ship, the Halberd.

Physical Strength
I will put these into two categories. What he can do and what his special attacks and weaponry can do.
First with physical strength.
^ He held open the mouth of a plant monster despite being bitten on all sides.
^ Holds up a DeDeDe stone that is trying to crush him (this thing is the size of a building.)

Yea there isn't much to go with for his strength alone, but his weapons strength make up for this.
^ He easily slices through a stone statue like it was butter.
^he does it again here.
^ His sword beam can leave craters in the ground.
^ When Kirby uses Galaxia he one shots a monster (cutting through his metal claws)
^ Can deflect fire that was spews from a monster that came from hell aka he can deflect hellfire.
^Deflects Destroyer blasts. Enough blasts can destroy a city.

Meta Knight's speed is one of his best aspects, his speed is incredible.
In Metaknightmare Ultra he flies from planet to planet in seconds.
^ you actually see him fly around the solar system to get to the planet he is flying to. Now this has been calculated for the Warpstar so we can just put that number in for Meta Knight.
Odd : It remains as a matter of perspective, in our previous fan-made written Death Battle we took the edge of the solar system to be the Oorn clouds, but for now let's take the smallest diameter possible of the star system, which is defined by the aphelion of the orbit of the farthest planet. That's still 9,090,000,000,000 meters !

Fastsword : Kirby covering all of that distance in 7 seconds makes his Warp Star's speed clock at about 1,298,571,429,000 m/s ! That's 4328 times the speed of light !
So he is 4,328 times the speed of light. But I'm not done yet. He has an ability called Meta Quick that doubles his speed (as long as he has enough energy)
This puts his speed that he can get by himself at 8,656 times the speed of light.
Now that is the speed he can reach by himself, but Meta Knight can absorb Warpstars and gain their speed
^as shown here.
So if there were any Warpstars near by or if he was teaming with Kirby then he speed would be the Warpstar's speed.
This is the max the Warpstar has gone as of this point in the series.

The Warp Star's best speed feat is travelling to a distant corner of the galaxy in a short time frame Presuming this galaxy is in the ballpark of The Milky Way Galaxy, using its radius as a distance, that would be 50,000 light years in 4 seconds 50000 * 365 * 24 * 60 * 15 = 394200000000c which is 400 billions times the speed of light.

So without help his max speed is 8,656 times the speed of light.
With help (aka absorbing a Warpstar) it skyrockets up to 400 billion times the speed of light.

By far his best durability feat comes from Kirby's return to Dreamland. If you know me and you've played the game you know what I'm talking about.
Yes, this counts towards Meta Knight too because he is playable in the game (aka he can tank the attack too)
The calculations are right here.

“At the request of Helmslock, calculating the power behind Magolor's vortex presuming that it is a legit black hole (Again, not debating one way or another over whether it's legit, just doing a calc at a request)

Using Kirby's official height as a low end here (0.2032 meters)

618 / 68 = 9.08823529

0.2032 * 9.08823529 = 1.84672941 meters for the event horizon

Which requires about 0.00064 solar masses

1 solar mass is 1.9891e30 kilograms

0.00064 * 1.9891e30 = 1.273024e27 kg

Plugging that into the e = mc^2 calculator we get 1.1441e+44 joules which is almost exactly 1 FOE or baseline solar system level”-Proto Dude

(Tonathan 100’s Note: It really isn’t solar system level, but the calc still stands. The result equates to 27,344.64627 tenatons, or 27.34464627 octillion megatons)

Here is a justification of the use of both Marx's and Magolor's black hole attacks:

They are inescapable at a certain range (these “inescapability ranges” obviously represent the event horizons), and while Magolor’s own can be outrun outside of that “inescapability range”, it is because of the fact that outside an event horizon, the gravity (and thus escape velocity) of a black hole is no higher than that of the star that collapsed into it, which Kirby can easily outrun since he is FTL even without the Warp Star (as I will prove later).
While Kirby was not spaghettified, it was more to Kirby's durability than the attacks’ lack of power
Unlike most of Marx’s or Magolor’s other attacks, the black holes cannot be destroyed by brute force.
Also, while they DO decay, they are not seen exploding. But this can easily be explained by Marx and Magolor controlling the AoE of their black holes.
While Marx's and Magolor's black holes DO "evaporate", it is not instantaneous, nor do the black holes last forever (in-game) which is consistent with their size.

So yea, Meta Knight is pretty durable, now onto feats.
^kills Knuckle Joe's father, who was one of the strongest star warriors out there.
He beat Paint Roller, who can paint things to life (aka he has minor reality warping.)
^He beat Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright
^ He beat himself. IDK if it's a clone or not but he beat himself.
^ He beat King DeDeDe.
^He beat Dyna Blade, who can do this
He beat Galactia Knight (who was the strongest warrior in the galaxy)
You also have the option of fighting him in the true arena in Kirby's Return to Dreamland as Meta Knight (though the video I will be linking has Kirby fighting him)

I'm not sure if I should put Magolor here, so I won't.

Abilities and equipment.

Mach Tornado- He has two variations of this, the smaller, quicker one that he can use at any time and the one that is stronger then Crash Kirby but takes a lot of energy to use (so it can't be spammed.

Meta Quick- Like I said before, it doubles his speed. This takes some energy but not a lot.

Meta Heal- This is the second most expensive skill in Meta Knightmare Ultra. It heals Meta Knight of any wounds.

Dimensional Cape- This is the cape that lets Meta Knight teleport and is what provides him of his wings. He also can use it to 
ebb out of reality for a short time. This is shown in his final smash in SSBB.

Galaxia- This is Meta Knight's sword and is his most powerful weapon. First off the sword has a mind of it's own
and if you aren't worthy to wield it, it will kill you. (though it doesn't kill the person in the GIF, her mother died using it)
It also has shape shifting powers.
It can also cut through steel and ignite fuses.

Lastly the Helberd. I'll try and be quick with this one.
^Capable of looking at targets over 900 light years away.
^Contained bombs (either that or the materials to create bombs) capable of blowing up a small planet.
^ The Helberd easily destroys a fleet of Destroyas. For scale this is how big it is compared to DeDeDe's castle (which is 36 stories high)
^ It also has a gravity disruptor and a plasma beam. Because why not.
^Capable of creating warm holes to fly a distance of 899 light years within a few minutes. "This ship is made to fly at hyperspeeds.
^Takes a just couple of hours at most to fly a light year ahead without using a wormhole.
^ tanked an asteroid belt.
^ Took hits from Destroyas. One is capable of decimating a city.

That's it for my respect thread. This was a long one and I should have done it way earlier but now it is out. Enjoy!

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Copy pasting all this shit is impossibru on mobile.
So read this link.

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Namor thread.
Namor Respect Thread

Captain Leonard McKenzie was on an expedition in 1920 to Antarctica, looking for the mystical Helmet of Power. His ship, The Oracle, was stuck in ice floes so McKenzie used explosive charges to break them up. Unknown to McKenzie, the ancient city of Atlantis was directly below. The city was severely damaged and the Atlantean ruler, Emperor Tha-Korr, commanded his daughter to send warriors to investigate the source of the deadly blasts. Not wanting to endanger anyone else, Princess Fen made the journey alone. On reaching the ship, Fen was immediately captured by one of the crew but not speaking each other’s languages, she was unable to communicate with anyone. Nonetheless having remained on board for a number of days, Princess Fen and Captain McKenzie fell in love and were married by the ship’s Chaplain. Weeks later Tha-korr sent a war party in search of his missing daughter. Thinking they held Fen captive, the Atlanteans attacked and killed all the humans on the ship including Leonard McKenzie. Fen was brought back to Atlantis and from that tragic marriage was born the first hybrid between a human and an Atlantean- Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Namor grew up with hatred for the surface world. He met Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch when he finally visited the surface world. But when Nazis attacked Atlantis, he joined Captain America against them. Namor was also allied with his cousin Namora who was also half human half Atlantean and shared many of the same powers. One fateful day after the war, a series of earthquakes rocked Atlantis, nearly destroying it. Thus destined to repeat his mother’s feat, Namor is ordered by his grandfather Emperor Tha-Korr to investigate. Namor tracked down the source of the attack to a cave in Antarctica where he found a man called Destiny who told him he is the one who attacked Atlantis with his Helmet of Power. Destiny used his mental powers to hold the Sub-Mariner still and show him Atlantis crumbling and his mother and grandfather crushed to death beneath the debris. Destiny then used his mental powers to give Namor amnesia and send him away to New York, where he wandered around as a hobo for a number of years. During this absence, Namora was thought to have been killed.

Eventually Johnny Storm of The Fantastic Four found Namor in a homeless shelter and recognising him, dropped him in New York harbour deciding water may cure the Atlanteans amnesia. Namor instantly recovered most of his memory and returned to where Atlantis had stood before his absence. However finding it abandoned and in ruins, assumed humans had destroyed it and went about warring with the surface world. He awakened the giant whale like monster Giganto and unleashed it on New York City. Namor also tried to claim the Invisible Woman as his own despite her relationship with Mister Fantastic. Namor and Giganto were both defeated by the Fantastic Four and he eventually found the new Atlantis, becoming monarch of the sub-sea empire. However Namor is constantly drawn back into surface world affairs and often finds himself battling both Earth’s super heroes and villains.

After being in a coma, a few drops of water is enough to let him break out of a mountain of ice.

Tears a ship in two by shoving it onto a cluster of rocks.

Iron Man gets wasted.

Lifting a massive ship despite underwater viscosity.

Destroys a Coliseum by throwing Dynorr at it.

Tank throwing.

Holds a submarine under his head.

Lifts a destroyer.

Swings Charybdis into Scylla. Size reference.

With Tamara and Tiger Shark, punches through thousands of tons of rock.

Punches Dr. Doom through his own ship.

Catches a ship thrown by Attuma with minimal effort.

Tears off a ships metal hull like it was paper.

Defeats the Incredible Hulk.

More Hulk shenanigans.

Rips the arm off a sentinel and uses it to kill another one.

Makes the Sentry bleed.

One shots Wolverine.

Makes a Kree high elite bleed, Cap says the elite is on par with Ronan's abilities.

Makes Ikaris, an eternal with strength on Thor's level bleed.

Dive kicks and punches Hercules, causing him to bleed.

Shanks Nerkkod.

Tears up the head of the Dreaming Celestial after Mr. Sinister took over it.

Breaks the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak.


Gets punched through three different Biomes.

Getting punched through a building by Hulk.

Gets swung through multiple pillars of an Atlantean coliseum.

Tanks a mountain collapsing on him.

Withstands heat from an overheating Human Torch long enough to reach the water.

Only temporarily stunned when hit with a blast of solidified light.

Tanks thousands of volts of electricity.

Getting punched by Dr. Doom.

Survives a depth charge that could be felt for miles.

Swims through billions of gallons of oil, and is more pissed off than hurt.

Goes through one of Iron Man's weapons, saying that none of Tony's tech has stopped him before.

Tanks Cyclops' optic blast. Twice.

Tanks Ikaris' eye beams.

Tanking hits by a hammer that leveled Atlantis.

Tanks a blitz from Sentry.

Throws his trident at the speed of thought.

Creates whirlpools by swimming.

Dodges lasers from a Doombot.

Carries a machine with Mar-Vell into space in seconds.

Catches Ares' axe when it was thrown at him from behind.

Blitzes Human Torch.

Dodges Torch's blasts.

Dodges blasts from Sunfire, one at point blank range.

Dodging blasts from a Sentinel.

Swims faster than 300 knots (154 meters per second).

Deflects Iron Man's weapons and blitzes him.

Dodging blasts from a Kree High Elite.

Keeps up with a speeding Black Bolt, Iron Man, and Dr. Strange.

Is rich af.

Curbstomps Tiger Shark, who had absorbed Namor's powers.

Too much time on land or water makes him insane.

Curbstomps Super Skrull, possibly the most skilled warrior in the Skrull Empire.

Trained in swordsmanship.

His will is so strong he can remove the Serpent Crown. Anybody who wears the crown is put under the mental domination of the Elder God Set.

Can count grains of sand from a mile in the air.

Can control fish and aquatic life.

Can redirect electricity.

Can hear a school of fish change direction half an ocean away and feel when the currents in the deepest part of the ocean alter by a single degree.

Survives Dr. Seuss world.

Forces Dr. Strange out of his mind.

Equipment/Prep feats
Has his trident.

Trident can shoot lightning.

Can summon Giganto.

Summons a tidal wave that eclipses New York.

Creates another tidal wave by summoning some sea monsters.

A bit of his fight with Nerkkod (he had help).

Namor vs Wolverine

Namor vs Venom

Namor vs Hercules

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No comic respect thread sectiobn

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Upcoming Making a son Goku respect thread

"I am the hope of the Universe. I am the answer to all living things who cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth... ally to good, nightmare to you."-Son Goku
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