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Patient Profile Template:







Blood Type:




Health insurance:(what it covers and if its good or not)

Primary Doctor:(if any... This is only if you have a person who is your doctor on the rp)






Missing limbs or organs:

Past medical probelms:

Bio: (explain how he got the illness)


Name: Luna

Nickname: Luna

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Dragon human hybrid

Powers:ice magic

Blood Type: AB

Personality: Stubborn and shy

height: 5ft 3in

Weight: 108lb

Health insurance: covers Surgery and extreme burns. is good

Primary Doctor: none

Illness: ice Dragon frostbite

Likes: shiny objects and stuffed animals

Dislikes: being too cold needles

Kinks/fetishes: leashes and collars

Allergies: fire (don't ask), cacti, and some other random plants

Missing limbs or organs: both wings

Past medical problems: is blind in one eye and has had many operations on tail

Bio: got lost in a blizzard and could not get out

(pic will be in chat)

Bio:test experiment gone wrong.... thats all the info on him
(Pic in chat)

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We need people to be more active! Also random chart

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Name of hospital: Wolffe Level One Trauma Center

World Location: Ruchard

Local Location: on the edge of a large forest

Quility: Cutting edge, brand new.

Age of hospital: it has only been in operation for 4 years.

Type of hospital: level one trauma hospital, meaning they treat critically injured people.

Accepts: Any with a severe enough injury/illness.

Worker quality: top notch.

Requirements to come: Most insurances will cover Wolffe's charges. Must be recovering from critical illness or injury

Long-term stay Requirements: patients will be well-taken care of, with only the best available. 
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+Alice EverFrost will came in to the hospital after a person found him, hes known as a john doe due to him not having a ID of any kind... And he will need many trestmentd before being allowed to leave, due to the exstent of his injuries

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Name: Allison drey Wolffe, MD/ME

Nicknames: Alli, Doc, and Wolf.

Age: she's 25. Young for a doctor.


Species: werewolf.

Level of control: High enough for her to have passed into the field as a doctor.

Worker type: she's a full-blown doctor.

Sexuality: bisexual, no preference, and polyamerous.

School she earned her diploma from: Dartmoor, also her hometown.

Dislikes:losing a patient she put alot of work into. Losing kids. Not being a good enough doctor. Her own medical condition.

Likes: doing surgery to save a life. Kids. Being a pediatrician.

Fetishes: collars. She always wears one. This also ties into her other only fetish. M/s, or Master/slave. Herself always being the bottom, or slave.

Kinks: calling her partner "Master", light bondage, bestiality, neck licking/kissing/biting, dominance play. She is a werewolf, after all.

Bio: ask her ... Although, if you're kind enough, and a close enough friend, she may let you read her journal, and that will tell you....
(Have it written down, as she is my were-sona, but it's like 13000+ words lol)

Hospital: she works at the Mythical Hospital... (Or, any hospital that someone creates that needs a good pediatrician)

Other things: she herself, even though she is a doctor, has a medical condition that causes her to be practically useless on the first day of her heat cycle, being lightheaded, passing out, and not able to do anything without excruciating pain. She refuses to seek help, bearing through it, although usually she just asks for the day off without explanation.

(Neither pic is mine...)
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I'd love it if you could all join and share this with anyone you think would like to join ^w^

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