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So, is this a sexual based community or does it have other roleplays besides sexual crazed role players.

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It was the dark of night as you were walking home, As you walked in the cold dark brisk air, You heard something, Or Someone following, As you stopped and listen you heard a footsteps behind you as you....

(You are the Male) (I am the Female*
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Umm Hello.. I wanna make a profile.. and uhh i don't know what to add exactly. Can someone Help me?

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Rp anyone


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Anyone want to rp this with me

Hey guys sorry I've been inactive... life happened but im back

Any of you gonna rp

Sorry for the long post!

Hey everyone. I'm looking for people to do a least para/multi para rp with me. To me PERSONALLY, a para contains at least 3-5 lines. More is always better!

Why do I ask at least para/multi para? It really sucks if you only get oneliners back from several people when you keep on writing 2-3 para's! I wanna expand my story and my creativity. Oneliners dont do that for me. So if you are a oneliner, sorry, but I cant do that. :s

Also be advised that there might be 18+ content (not necessarily with your character!!!) and quite emotional content. If you are not up for this or cant take this in our rp, I'm sorry. I've had this storyline sitting around for like 4 years and I really wanna play this out and expand my bio! :s

Right now, anyone rping with me would be great. If you are a decent rper with a proper speling (meaning understandable) and you are able to write at least one whole para, follow me and we can rp.

I am not asking anyone to change their character! If you wanna rp any of the mentionned characters, we can simply do a private post with a picture of the said character you wanna rp, preferably with a human fc (actor/model/celebrity).

The characters needed are mostly Jack and family.

Here is a brief summary of Kate and what I'm looking for.

Kate is the daughter of Danny McCoy and Delinda Deline and the granddaughter of Ed Deline. She is the youngest of three and heiress to the casino empire.

Kate recently had a bad car accident. Her spine was broken. When all doctors had given up hope, one spinal surgeon didnt and fought to make her walk again. She was in a coma for four months and when she woke up, he stood by her every step of the way. The two fell in love, but she was jeopardizing his job, and left him. She went back to Las Vegas, to her parents. But after 2 years, Jack finally found her again and asked her to marry him. She accepted and the two got married there. After the wedding they moved back to Los Angeles. Once they were settled down, about a month later, they finally went on a honeymoon. Until their plane crashed down and Jack and Kate were seperated from each other. Given the mass of losses and a lot of people having disappeared, Kate and Jack presumed the other was dead, causing the other to move on, not knowing the other was still alive.

After a few weeks, they finally found each other back. But will things ever be the same again? Will they ever get off this island? And will they ever be able to move past all their issues they already had before getting married?

* Delinda Deline, fc Molly Sims, Mother
* Danny McCoy, fc Josh Duhamel, Father
* Ed Deline, fc James Caan, Grandfather
* Other Las Vegas characters
* Brother and/or sister, preferred fc: Brother: Chris Hemsworth, sister: Kate Beckinsale, free to choose
* Jack Shepherd, fc: Matthew Fox, Kate's husband
* Kate Austen, fc: Evangeline Lilly, Jack's new possible love interest
* Other Lost characters
* Any Scandal-characters are also very welcome! :)
* Best friend (male/female)
* Friends
* Any OC's

* I'd like to rp at least one paragraph. More is always good, but one para is the minimum!
* Proper English is a must. So please no text talk.
* 18+ content is possible
* Feel free to add me/talk to me about ideas
* Sorry, but I dont see myself rping with anime characters. I prefer pictures of actors/models/... :)
HOWEVER! That doesnt meant that if you're an anime, that we cant rp. If you're good and you have a proper spelling and you can write at least a para, we still can rp. I will ask you though to choose a human fc, ONLY to use a picture in a pp, so I can make our rp more visible and write better replies.

* it's not because a character is already defined, that changes/adaptations to some arent possible. I'm open to new ideas
* OC's are more than welcome
* Dont like me, please dont make a drama out of it and just block me.
* Any questions, just ask. I dont bite! :)
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