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What an Amazing Day
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هل ترغبى في العمل في التجارة لكن ليس لديك رأس المال الكافي ولا تستطيع التفرغ للتجارة ؟
*هل لديك احلام وطموح كبير بتغير حياتك للافضل ..وتحقيق دخل مادى عالى تستفيدى بية انتى واسرتك ؟
*هل ترغبى في التجارة في منتجات صحية وطبيعية 100% ذات سمعة عالمية؟
انضم الى اقوى فريق سيدات فوريفر الشرق الاوسط لبيع منتجات الصبار الطبيعية وامتلك البزنيس الخاص بك دون الحاجه الى التفرغ الكامل او استثمار مبلغ كبير من المال، او حتى تحمل المخاطر، تعرفى على فرصة عمل فوريفر. وحققى الكثير من النجاحات .والمكاسب .
لمزيد من التفاصيل,00966541512484 او بالخاص

لطلب المنتج بالواتس 00966541512484

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So good to finally find someone talking about the methods for co-citation, its been something I have seen / tested over the years but hadn't taken the time to get it written up as a post / summary. 
I've seen some of the advanced blackhats  use this to clean up / hide their actions.
✨ I decided to create a big list of great articles that explain 
Co-Occurence and Co-Citation pretty well. So here goes:
🐦 Great Twitter convo with +Bill Slawski about co-occurrence in case you missed it:
🌱 Build healthy links with co-citation and co-occurrence in SEO via +Wordtracker 
G+ A conversation started by +Steve Wiideman  about this here on Google Plus with experts chiming in:
👂Link Building: What are Co-citation and Co-occurrence via +SEMrush 
🍁 Semantic Keyword Research with KNIME and Social Media Data Mining by +Paul Shapiro
🍃Another free tool shown to me by +Adrienne DeVita  that can be used to seed for more words:
🐺 Speaking of free tools that will help you in this:
👉 Although this concept seems to be all the buzz nowadays it was written about by +David Harry  on +WordStream back in 2010. (I like to remember these things because "some SEOs" love to say they came up with a concept when it was being said way before them cough cough ( not citing names but we know who they are))
✨ Also back from 2009 by +Jeffrey Smith was already talking about this:
☺A lot of people don't understand how google works, so I will end with this reference:
#Seo   #seotips   #seotools   #seoservices   #linkbuilding   #semantic
#citation   #lsi   #searchengineoptimization   #search   #Sunday   
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