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hey I have been offline for weeks xD dose anyone still post on here?

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Name: Frosty beats
Likes: Dubstep, youtube, memes, art, 3- day weekends, and pizza
Dislikes: haters, math, and cringey videos
Skill: Advanced

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Names Thunder Note/Red Eyes

Im 17 (me 15)

My level is high (idk rly)

I like rock, pop, metal, all pretty much

I hate haters
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+doris northrup​do can you make me owner again since I made this community

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Red eyes is the right and im the left
We r 2 sides of a pony

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name: Shadowwolf-fang
age: short version, unknown, long version, 18,000
level: low, reason because I don't usually practice music...
likes: the night, winter, video games, and certain kinds of girls
dislikes: the day, summer, zombie movies, horror movies and angels
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