hey guys should i add a yandere character

The first battle is about to begin want to have a your own character to particate in it
Leave a name, gender age, and demonic ablitity

Chapter 1 : Desturbing wish
June 27, 2012 8:38pm near Mt.fuji
A sound of a crash landing on a building. A young man stands covered in blood .
(In his thoughts) ???: My name is Taki Gagushi, I go to Yamiguta High class 6-F. I have normal grades ...ugh this sucks! Come on think! I only have one friend her name is Izanami. She was my gardian till Satan captured her. For exchange of her freedom I have to sell my soul to him and partitpate in his fucking game D-break!
(A disk comes flying towards Taki. He dodges it in time.)
Taki: That was close.
(A female figure appears behind him with a scythe and slashes his chest .with that he is sent across to another building. The building is completely destroyed.)
???: Wow, your soooooo weak. Kehehehehehhahahaha!!!
(Taki's thoughts ) let me start in the begining .......
6 months before
Yamiguta high 1:30pm classroom 6-F
(Room of students chater away as the teacher comes in)
Teacher: Ahem I know its the 5th period and all it seems we have a new student on our second day of school please introduce yourself, Gagushi-kun .
(A student finishes writing his name in kanji then turns around)
Taki: Hello my name is Taki Gagushi. I am delighted be your fellow classmate this year. (Taki takes his seat)
Teacher: Welcome Taki-kun and welcome to Tokyo .
(All the students were stun of the news) student#1: your not from here, awesome.
Student#2: He might be rich or something.
Teacher: ( Angry vain poped) SETTLE DOWN! He'll anwser your question after class , but first let's get to work.
(All students moan and groan)
Later that day
(Taki exits class, then three students walks towards him)
Student#1: Hey names Date' Yatimaru I'm the captain of the chest club.
Student#2: Yuyuko mikami leader of the kendo team
Student#3: Yudo Datchi kick boxing champion
Taki: Wow nice to meet you but I just started today
Student#1-3: we understand how it is to be the new kid and all.
Yuyuko : You can join our clubs at anytime got it, I'll be waiting.
(Yuyuko walks away and the others join her)
Taki: (sigh) My first day here I'm already asked for clubs. Buuuuut they didn't know I used to do kendo. I think she knew about it.(he walks home alone)
Gagushi residents 4:53 pm
(Taki enters and takes off his shoes)
Taki: I'm home. Huh? (Someone runs toward to Taki)
???: Tekken crusher! (A girl punches Taki in the guts) Your late onee-san.
(Taki thoughts) Damn she hits like a truck. This my sister, Minako.
Taki: Ugh I just got home ugh!
Minako: I just to want to get my little loving brother.(she is hugging him)
Taki: how was punching me solves things ?
Minako: that was my iron fist of love.
Moments later Taki's room
(Taki's thoughts) Here's the story, years ago my parents died in a car crash and now I'm living with my older sister. And apparently they left me a spritual guardiañ watchin over me. Her name is Izanami.

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taki's school uniform design

hey guys any ideas for the manga for the school event like for example 
camping and such

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