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name-Mark Edward
date of birth-june 28 1989
channel name-markiplier game

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Quotes: Like a boss, Speed is key, Booper Dooper and many more
Real Name: Sean McLoughlin
Other Names: Jack
YouTuber Name: Jacksepticeye
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Appearance: Pictures
Strengths/Abilities/Powers: Recording/Editing, Shouting and screaming, having a good time.
Weaknesses: Believes he is shite at games. Can't always attend conventions if they are far away
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Loud, Funny, Friendly
Subscriber Count: 15 million
Bio: Sean was born in Ireland. When he was in school, he was playing football and someone kicked it into his eye by accident, leading to it becoming infected and septic, thus creating the name "Jacksepticeye" since his ma called him Jack. He grew up and played video games, inspiring many people, often collabing with his best friends, the bonercast, Markiplier, Lordminion777 and Muyskerm
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Member Rules

1: No spam or anything unrelated to YouTube. This community is just for YouTube stuff.
2: To role play you must first have a character that's approved by me. Everyone is allowed up to 10 OC characters and 5 canons. Moderators may have 15 OC with 10 canons. Owners can have unlimited. You must tell people what characters you are using within the role play. Not everyone can be a famous youtuber and don't make your profile unrealistic.
3: Only I am allowed to approve of people to join the community.
4: I am the only one who is allowed to delete people from this community. If a moderator wishes to delete someone, they must ask me privately first with a good reason for wanting them deleted and, with my approval, may then delete them from the community.
5: Any advertising on the community must be approved by me before it is advertised.
6: I won't go on a big rant about not swearing cos there's kids or whatever, because it's their own choice if they copy it or not. However, if I see that you're using language that is offending many people, it will result in a suspension
7: I am the only one who's allowed to edit the community or to answer any suggestions. Questions may be answered by moderators.
8: I will make the promotions in the community. Don't ask to be promoted because that will lower your chances of being promoted. I will only give a promotion to one person a month and I will only promote those who truly deserve it. Don't complain if you're not promoted because there is always next time.
9: Shipping must be kept to a minimum. If people are getting pissed off with it, I'll ask you to stop
10: Respect other peoples opinions. They might not like the youtuber who you're rping as, it doesn't give you the right to insult them.
11: Moderator profiles can not be approved by the moderator who created it. 
12: My word is final.
13: No making up your own rules (Role Play and on the community).
14: Do not disrespect me, the moderators or members.  
15: Moderators may let people into the community, only if you check their profile first and see that it isn't filled with spam/random posts on unrelated communities/the same picture posted about 10 times.
16: Please try your best to post things in the correct category. There's nothing that annoys me more than seeing people post Fan Art in the Discussion category (that's just an example). It's not hard.
17: Last, but certainly not least, have fun and love YouTube

Role Play Rules

1: Your character must be related/linked with YouTube. Anything that is not related/linked with YouTube will not be accepted.
2: There can only be two of each canon.  For real YouTubers-There can only be two of each one
3: Include NO God modding (controlling another person's character's actions and speech)
4: No killing each other's main characters without the character's owner's direct permission. If they ask you to kill their character then it's fine. Any background characters, such as guards, may be killed. You can kill off your characters and bring them back in the next rp, it's fine.
6: Follow the template for your profile or it will not be approved. Template is pinned to the top of the community.
7: If a role play says closed and you wish to join, ask to join. Do not ask if it's  closed to the first commenter. 
8: You can ask to reserve a canon for a week (Ask in the suggestions section)
9: No hating people outside of role play. Meaning no discriminating, racism/homophobia/biophobia/panphobia/sexism ect outside of role play ect will result in an immediate ban, but if your character is not know for any of these traits and they are suddenly showing them, it will result in an immediate ban. (Put any of these traits under 'Extra Info' in your profile).


"(Insert quotes here)"

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