Hi my name is kazuma allen King my name came from my Anty kazmi king I have two brothers yoh King and Chasin King my brother Chasin is dead and my brother yoh hates me ever since we where born we where friends nothing ever get between us until Chasin died and what makes it worse is that it's my fault( September 16 my birthday we went rock climbing out in Jamaica where my grandma lives climeing up the rocks just me and Chasin then I did it I made the dare the dare that would end me and yohs oler brothers life I dared yoh to clime up to the top of the nicest rock and yell I am King so he did as he got ready to stand up the big rock started to fall and yoh was going to fall but at the last moment out of know where Chasin comes and pulls him away then looks at me and starts to run no he was sprinting I look T him a face that is always filled with a soft tuch is now running as hard as the wind to save with no time Chasin pushes me out the was at that moment everything was slow I look at him he was smiling then time cough up to us a d in a blink of a eye Chasin was dead the face that once was filled with a sweet soft kind gentle person was now replaced with a blank look and a smile) d that's my story´╗┐
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