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Part 4

Previously On Spongebob's First Date Part 3

We Have To Work Together

Does Your Puppy Bark Like That

What Is It?

Its Its Its Its Its Its Its Its

Starting NOW!!


Sparkle What Did I Tell U About Eating Electronics

To Eat Our Neighbors Said Barbie

Who Cares About That I Gotta Jump Back

Right (Shoot)

Well Bye Barbie

Bye Spongebob


WAIT Before U Go (smooch)

Now This Is Blushing! Said Spongebob

Hahahaha U Make Me Crack Up

And Here's My Number Said Barbie

Thanks Barbie

Please Call Me Cristina


OK Bye Cristina

Bye Honey


Aaaah back at bikini bottom oh hi Gary what are you doing here

I Think Gary Found True Love Too



Once Upon A Sponge There Lived Spongebob He Is Always A Happy Smiling Gentleman But He Never Been A Real Gentleman Which Is All About To Change Starting NOW!!! (Yawn) What A Sunny Morning Ain't That Right Gary Meow = Hell No!! Exactly Said Spongebob Anyway HEY Gary Look Its Love Day Its Time For Me To Be A Lady's Man Stay Here Gary! Meow! right Gary I Can't Go Without My Daily Snack A Strawberry Thanks Gary! Meow=Bruh

6 Days Later

Wish Me Luck Gary (Chickup Boom!!) Who Should I Ask First Oooh I Know How About Sandy

1 Hour Later


Now If U Excuse Me I Have To Go Hibernate Well That Was Weird Why Doesn,'t She Like Me I Am Sexy
Hmmm Oh I Know How About Pearl

6 Seconds Later

I Would Rather Kiss A Slug Managed Pearl
(Sigh) I'll Never Find A Girlfriend
(WHOOSH)!! Hey What's That

Its Its A.......

To Be Continued Stay Tuned For Part 2

Part 3

Previously On Spongebobs First Date

Its Its Its A PORTAL!!!

Where's My Portal Gun

Where's The Portal I Came Put Of

So If U Can't Find The Portal Gun

And U Can't Find The Portal Then.....


Starting NOW!!!

I Can't Live A Life With U Your A SPONGE!!

And I Can't Live A Life With U Your A GIRL

Act Like U Never Saw A GIRL! anyway We Need To Figure Out Where Our Things Went With The Power Of TEAMWORK!!

Please God Tell Me This Is Just A Dream Wished Barbie

Hello Come Over Here I've Been Waiting For 6 Hours Who Do U Think U R Cause I Know What U R



UNDERSTAND!!!! Demanded Spongebob

I'm Done Somebody Kill Me Please I'll Do Anything Said Barbie

Look We'll Get Through This Together I Promise We Just Have WORK TOGETHER Said Spongebob

Oh Fine Only Because I Want U Gone

Done And Done

Hey Look A Screw Have U Saw This Somewhere Said Spongebob

R U Serious?!

Hey Look Its My Puppy Sparkles Said Barbie

Um Does Your Puppy Bark Like That?!

Like What?!

Like This!!


Wait What She Never Barks Like That Managed Barbie


He's Choking!!!

He Spit Out Wait He Spit Out EW!!

What Is It? asked Spongebob

Its Its Its Its Its Its Its Its A

To Be Continued Stay Tuned For Part 4

Part 2

Previously On Spongebob First Date...

HEY Gary Look Its Love Day...

I'll Never Find A Girlfriend

Omg Its Its A

Starting NOW!!!

Its Its Its Its Its

5000 Its Later

Its Its Its A PORTAL!!!

Well That Wasn't So Hard Anyway Portal Here I Come WOOHOO!!

Woah Everything Is So Girly Here Wait Is That The Fashion Model Of All Commercials
Barbie!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Who R U!! Why I'm Spongebob Of Course Can U Marry Me


What Was That For Said Spongebob! Does It Look Like I Know U Your Just A Stranger In Barbieville
Asking Me To Marry U Who Do U Think U R

First Of All Seriously Barbieville

What The Mayor Is Still Working On This Towns Name DON'T JUDGE!!!

Second Of All I Think I Am Spongebob Who Do U Think U R


Last But Not Least Its Love Day I Came For A Girlfriend

No Its Not Its Easter

No Its Love Day!!!






Look I'm Not Here To Fuss I'm Here To Blush

Wait A Second Where Is My Portal Gun Demanded Barbie?

Um Where Is The Portal I Came Out Of Said Spongebob?

So If U Can't Find Your Portal Gun

And U Can't Find The Portal That Means


TO BE CONTINUED Stay Tuned For Part 3
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