Winter Break was pretty boring for the most part so far, but today we're going ice skating. Temie said that part of the lake was too thin to skate on. As I was skating I noticed the mom was only watching Temiea. It always seems like that, whenever we do something fun if Temiea says something about danger, the only one mom pays attention to is her! Does she even care? Is she not proud to have me as a son? I mean she did give me a name that is usually a girl's name I started to skate faster hoping to grab mom's attention, but she still focused on my sister. As i was distracted trying get mom to notice me I skated towards the a thin patch of ice. I noticed Temiea racing towards me with a look of desperation on her face. "Brandy stop!" She was calling.

I stopped confused when suddenly I heard the distinct sound of ice cracking. I looked down and froze up in fear when I saw the ice under my feet cracking. I started to back up slowly but the cracks only got bigger. "Help!" I called out, panicking.

Temiea came up somewhat behind me and reached out to me "Brandy grab my hand!"

I turned to grab her hand but heard a loud cracking sound and felt myself starting to fall. I knew I was plunging straight into the the freezing cold water but it felt like everything was in slow motion. I leaned forward just enough to land half on the ice and half in the water. Temiea reached out and pulled me out of the water just as mom appeared just behind Temiea. Mom breathed out a sigh of relief "Well, at least Brandy's okay."

There she goes with that assumption again I wanted to yell 'I'm not okay you inconsiderate Bitch!' but what she said was right though, I might be cold and wet but I'm fine. I started thinking that maybe I could fake an injury one day, maybe then she won't be so quick to assume that I'm fine but then I saw this look on Temiea's face. it was almost as if she felt the same. Mom does always say 'well at least Brandy's okay ' but nothing about Temiea. no, mom freaks out when Temiea gets hurt but still...

I thought about where I had fallen in. Dose it have anything to do with my 'fate lines' or something? No, I'm over thinking things when school starts again I can just talk to Jessie

"You did what!?!" Tyler said spamming his hands on the table. I didn't expect his reaction to what happened over the break. "Dude! You're lucky to be alive!"

"Eh, it wasn't that bad, my sister was there to help me" I told him

"That statement could cost you an arm and a leg! Just because your is there she can't always save you!" Jessie snapped "Trust me you will find dying to be an unpleasant experience! You need to be more careful!"

[I edited a major piece of the story after that because the chapter is too long. But when it is finished and I publish the paper version the part I edited out will be included. That's all for now. Thank you.]

Theodore, he was a real skinny, short boy with black hair and a blueish-gray left eye and his right eye was clearish-white he was blind in that eye so he wore a medical eye patch, looked up from the book he was reading. "Brandy, do you have a death wish cause seriously, you act like it was nothing. My dad died by falling into a frozen lake." He loves to read even though he is half blind, he's very quiet and mysterious sometimes but he's kinda cool like that. I met him a few days after I met Tyler.

"Oh....I didn't know...." I said.

Spring break mom took us to my cousin's ranch to ride horses. I have my own horse named Butterscotch there. The ranch was a common place for people, visitors and family alike to ride horses. Visitors have to pay but family doesn't. As I was getting on my horse Temiea came over "Brandy, keep an eye on that one." She said pointing to a guy getting on a horse.

I headed down the winding path through the trees that is sometimes used as a race track. I wasn't going really fast I was just enjoying the ride when someone behind me called out "Hey! Don't you know how to ride? Get the hell out the way!" It was the guy Temiea pointed out.

"I do know how to ride. I'm just trying to enjoy myself instead of racing off like a speed demon." I told him.

"Damn beginers, think they're all cool going slow" he muttered loud enough for me to hear.

I came to a shop purposely blocking the path "Excuse me? What makes you think I'm a beginner?"

"No one rides that horse it's probably for training." He said

"That's because this is my horse. And I'm not going fast because I want to enjoy riding on this path." I said.

"Ha! Yeah right! Move it!" He said charging towards me.

Butterscotch was startled and reared up knocking me off and in the way of the incoming horse. I couldn't get out of the way fast enough and the other horse ran over me but It thankfully kinda jumped over me and the very tip of on of it's hooves grazed my side. There was a cut deep enough to bleed but not deep enough for stitches or anything. "Get back here you jackass!" I shouted but he didn't listen. When I got back Temiea rushed over to me and I explained what happened.

"We will talk with that man when he gets back" she said.

Mom came up and looked at Temiea. "Well at least Brandy's okay"

I wanted to argue that I wasn't but..... I was. At least on the outside. But inside..... I was not okay.... I knew that she would regret that statement soon.


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I walked up to the door and lifted my hand to knock. Just as I was about to knock the piercing sound of my alarm clock ringing in my ear snapped me out of the dream. I sat up and turned off my alarm clock. Then I got out of bed and got dressed. I put on my yellow hoodie and went downstairs. My mom and older sister Tamiea, I like calling her Temie or Tem, were talking about something. "Morning Mom. Morning Tem." I said yawning.
"Good morning sweetie." Mom responded

"Brandy, did you move my homework?" Temiea asked me

"Yeah, it's over there!" I answered, pointing to the papers on the coffee table.

"Thanks Brandy" she said. She grabbed the papers and put them in her backpack. "Alright, bye!" She put on her backpack and walked out the door.

I grabbed a quick breakfast, got ready for school and left.
I walked into class and sat down. I had been transferred to this school because my old school was being closed down. Now I'm the new student. "It's my first day here, what could go wrong?" I told myself.

"We have a new student today. Why don't you stand up and introduce yourself?" The teacher said. She looked at me like she didn't want to be here.

Just my luck I stood up and glanced around the room. "Um, hello. My name is Brandy Green." I started.

"Brandy? Haha! That's a fucking girl's name!" Some kid in the back of the room shouted out.

I looked at him "Brandy can be a boy's name!" I defended myself.

"You sure your mom just didn't want a daughter instead?" He replied.

"Ryan! Go out in the hall! Now!" The teacher yelled.

Ryan left and I sat back down looking down, embarrassed. Some of the other students were giggling and pointing. The teacher passed out papers for us to work on then left to talk to Ryan out in the hall. I noticed there was a blonde girl who kept staring at me like I was some kind of monster or something and when ever I turned to look at her she'd look away.

At lunch I sat by myself at a table when I noticed that the girl who had been staring at me in class started walking over. As she did all the kids stopped whatever they were doing and watched her. Some kid handed her a red marker as she walked towards my table. "Hello! I'm Jessie!" She introduced herself.

"Uh... I'm Brandy." I was slightly confused as to why everyone was watching.

"I hope you don't mind" she said, grabbing my left arm and pushing the sleeve of my hoodie up.

"Wait, what are you doing?" I asked but she didn't answer. Instead she uncapped the marker and drew a line all the way around my arm just above the elbow. "Hey! Why'd you do that?" She still didn't answer, she grabbed my right arm and made another line but much higher up than the other one. "Stop!"

"One more." She said. She lifted up the bottom of my hoodie and made a line all the way around my body just above the belly button. "There all done." She said letting go and capping the marker.

"What the hell!?! Why did you do that!?!" I felt really awkward since she pulled my hoodie up like that in front everyone and they were all still watching.

She pointed the marker at me "I have shown you your destiny lines!" She announced as it it actually meant something.

"My what?" I asked. is she crazy or something?

"Those lines are extremely important to your life. They can determine your fate."she said.

"Uh..." I looked around. Everyone was still watching. "And?"

"The location of your lines means..."she started.

"What does it mean?" I was getting impatient and kinda nervous about the way everyone was staring at me.

"There is something special about your life. The way is goes, and the way" she paused, then got a sinister look "it ends"

I was unable to say anything, the way she said that last part was creepy. Everyone stopped looking at me and went back to what they had been doing. "I-"

She smiled and sat down in the seat across from me. "Mind if I sit here?"

"Uh....sure?" I was still feeling a little awkward.

"Brandy right?" She asked.


"It's a pleasure to meet you Brandy!" She said, putting her hand out for me to shake.

"You too Jessie."

Jessie was a nice girl. She had long blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes. She usually with me at lunch. I also met this boy named Tyler he has brown hair like me but not as dark, and brown eyes. There is this girl with brown hair always staring at me.

"Brandy!" Tyler said snapping me out of my thoughts.


"Are you even listening? Someone asked you a question." He said

"Oh! Uh, what?"

"So...can I sit here?"it was the girl who is always staring at me.

"Um, sure I guess." I told her.

"Thanks! I'm Amelia!" She sat down next to me.

I swear, the rest of lunch she was either staring at me or trying to look cute whenever I looked at her. Tyler must have noticed it to cause he tapped her on the shoulder and said. "Amelia, what are you doing?"

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"You are acting a bit weird." He told her.

"Oh, sorry" she replied.

I remembered something that was bothering me so I decided to ask Tyler since Jessie wasn't here today. "Hey Tyler? I was wondering, does Jessie do that line thing to everyone?"

He stared at me for a second "yeah, and it's pretty scary sometimes. One kid's line was around his neck and it was much higher in the back. He committed suicide recently....he hung himself."

I was not sure what to say about that "are they always all the way around?"

"No. Amelia has a dot on her head and I have lines under my eyes. Jessie told me that usually means old age"

"Then what about mine?"I asked

"Dunno, it could be a number of things. They don't always mean how you die." He said. "Maybe some sort of injury"

"That's hard to believe since my sister can almost sense danger. I don't get hurt easily" I said.

"Who's your sister?" He asked

"Temiea. She takes a lot of advanced courses so she comes to school before I do" I said.

"No way! All her old teachers are always talking about her! That's awesome!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Heh, yeah I guess so." I said.

On the bus ride home I was thinking about things that I never really thought about before. Why is it that I don't get hurt easily and why are the lines where they are? maybe I'm overly worried about it, I mean maybe it was just a coincidence that, that one kid hung himself. There's no way Jessie could have predicted something like that But something else was really bothering me. Whenever something happens my mom looks to my sister and automatically assumes that I'm okay, usually it's true but only if Mom listens to Temie about danger. I've asked them about it but they never have an explanation. It just bothers me how much my mom assumes. One of these days I'm going to fake an injury just to teach her a lesson I sighed looking out the bus window. I don't know that sounds too harsh, I'm sure she does worry. She just doesn't show it very well



I jolted awake, looking around first then ran my hands over my body and face. I stood up confused, I looked in a mirror and saw that I looked the exact same as I always do. "Just a dream" I said to myself. I looked around my room, it felt like I had never been here before. But I know it's my room. I put my yellow hoodie on. I managed not to notice something that I probably should have. Although I've lived here for so long I almost got lost in my own house. In the living room the TV was on. On the news they were talking about a tornado "Strange, that's what my dream was about"

"We talked to some of the families that were affected by this" the news reporter said "Miranda Green, can you tell us about what happened?"

"Green? but I'm-" I started

The woman who started taking was one I could never forget. She was my mother from the dream. At least I'm pretty sure it was a dream. "I was trying to get my son to safety when it happened, he was acting strange..." she was nearly in tears "Temiea, my daughter, she was the first to see him. Now I realize that I wasn't the best mother to him as I thought I was. I just wish I could have done something different..." now she was in tears.

"Her son was 15 year old Brandy Green..." the news reporter when on about it for a bit.

"But, I'm Brandy Green!" I argued. I remembered what happened right as I died. there had been an image of me lying in bed....not breathing. Then I woke up as the image of me. Is this what it's like to die? then I thought about the memories, they were confusing. I remember things that I don't actually remember, as if I have someone else's memory as well as mine. I suddenly remembered the lines that Jessie gave me. I pulled up my hoodie to find that there was a scar exactly where Jessie made the line, my arms were the same. is this possible? this isn't right! I died! I'm going to have a funeral and stuff! I thought about where my mom had told me that my grave would be. oh how wrong it is to be thinking about something like this "Hey mom?" I called, not expecting an answer.

"Yes?" A voice came in reponse.

"I'm going to head out okay?" I wasn't sure what she would say


I grabbed another yellow hoodie. at least whoever I am has more than one of them like the dead me. I got on a bus to a stop where I walked the rest of the way to my old home. When I got there Ii kept back so that mom and sis wouldn't see me. they had a body bag and they were looking for something. I crouched down behind a pice of a metal sign that was sticking out of the ground. I had a bad feeling about what they were looking for.

I looked down and saw a hand on the other side of the sign. my first thought was that someone was there, that thought was short lived. I recognized the hand as the one I live my whole life attached to. the thought made me sick. I threw up then sat down facing away from the house. "That was my arm..." I said to myself.

"Um, are you okay?" I heard Temiea's voice behind me

"Y-yeah, I'm fine" I tried to sound different.

"are you sick?" she asked

I was holding my severed arm, trying to hide it from her "N-no, I'm fine" still trying to sound different.

"look, I know it must be hard to deal with this. But that doesn't mean you should refuse help" she put her hand on my shoulder only to draw it back quickly "what are you holding!?!"

tears rolled down my face as I realized that my own family was now a bunch of strangers and I'm holding the arm of someone who should mean nothing to me."It's.... something that I wish I never found"

"oh my god I'm so sorry!" she reached to take out from me but I turned so she couldn't.

I wasn't ready to accept that my life before is gone. "when is the funeral?"

"later today...we just need to collect the body first" she seemed to struggle saying it.

I pulled the torn sleeve off the arm and gave her the arm. "here"

she took it slowly "what is your name?"

"don't worry about it" I said standing up and leaving.

I watched the burial from afar and when mom and sis left I walked over with the other hoodie that I brought. there was a light rain. "Damn, must be cold. Oh why does the name have to be so big?" I complained. I pulled the hoodie over the headstone as is it was being worn and flipped up the hood. "there, protected from the rain and the name can't be seen. just how I would've wanted it."

mom looked back and saw what I did she looked pissed "Just who do you think you are!?!" she said coming back.

"Oh! I uh... that's how he would have wanted it" I said trying to hide my face.

"Get that thing off my son's grave! it's disrespectful!" she yelled

"actually it's the most respect I can offer him!" I snapped "that's how he would have wanted it!"

"Anne how would you know!?! if you are going to leave the hoodie don't put it on the head stone!"

"I put it like that so he can wear it!" I was getting irritated

Mom grabbed my shoulder and turned me to look at my face. the horrified look she had made me feel sick "But how? you're dead!"

"I'm.... I don't know!" I admitted

"my carrier spent investigating the supernatural and it was right under my nose." she said "Get out of my sight! I'm not having anything to do with something like you! you will never understand what it's like to die!" she started to leave

"mom wait!" I called after her

"I'm not your mother! I was his mother!" she pointed to the grave "and he's DEAD" she turned and walked away

why is this happening to me? he was me! he doesn't get thoughts from the grave! I am him! why couldn't I just die looks a normal person? I pulled out the torn sleeve, stained with my own blood. I rolled up my sleeves to look at the scars, they were fading. this won't be a thing will it? I'm not going to come back forever will I?


Ever since he was born something about him wasn't normal. He didn't get hurt easily, he had an older sisters who could almost sense danger. His mother was told that as long as she listened to her daughter about danger if she could see her, Brandy would be ok. But something about this "gift" would permanently change Brandy's life.


School was finally over and I have a whole summer to hang out with my friends. Jessie has been constantly reminding me about my lines sometimes redrawing them. Mom still annoys me with that phrase of hers. I tried faking an injury once but somehow she didn't buy it. One day I actually will get hurt. I hope that day comes soon just to teach her a lesson "Mom?" Temiea's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yes?" Mom answered

"This storm.... I have a bad feeling but I can't quite tell." Temiea said.

"Don't worry about it." Mom replied. The storm was bad, there was a tornado watch in place but the news said that the direction it was going was away from our house. Temiea was trying to get mom to get to the bathroom since we don't have a basement. She made the mistake of saying "I think It's coming this way."

"You think? Temiea! I told you that unless you are certain it's not true!" Mom snapped "go somewhere else!"

Temiea went to the bathroom to hide. I realized that mom wasn't listening to Temie. She usually does.... and by that I mean always. But maybe mom's right.... it's not true. It's not coming this way I looked down at my phone and started playing a game. The strange feeling that it was all Kent to be came over me. something was wrong. I looked up to see mom yelling at me, urging me to move. There was a loud ringing in my ears I couldn't hear her. Time seemed to have slowed as I stood up realizing the only reason she could want me to run. As I ran to the bathroom everything was in slow motion. I knew something was about to happen. The glass from the widows exploded into the room blocking me on the opposite side of the room as mom. the bathroom was on the side I was on so I ran towards it. Then everything stopped, like slow motion-slow motion, there was no sound I could hear except the long ringing in my ears that never stopped. I saw things fly past me. I turned just in time to see a large sheet of metal hurtling towards me. When it him me I could feel it tug at my arms,the strain in my muscles as they were pulled more than they should be. I knew what was about to happen and.... I'm not okay.

Temiea sat up and looked around her. A pile of concrete partially blocked her view from mom. When mom st up and saw her she sighed with relief and said "well, at least Brandy's okay."

Temiea glanced around at the things her mother could not see. "Mom, he's not okay."

"What do you mean he's not okay?" Mom asked

"his arms are missing, he's torn in half mom...." she paused "he's dead."


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