Alright people, since this hellhole is dead, i'll be deleting it
Don't worry though, +Eva The Umbreon​ was kind enough to make a new Hall that isn't totally fucked up, so if you want to be in there, just tell me and her and we'll send you an invite

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been unactive for few days (on my page in general) so enjoy this rp with crystal

Crystal looked at the festive decorations in the hall and all the present making. She was confused, she didn't understand the excitement of holidays nor had she ever celebrated it with zekrom or kyurem. She just couldn't understand it, but she just shrugged it off. Atleast the hall looked prettier than usual and everyone was in a good mood so she wouldn't ruin the mood with her unfestive ways. So she walked out to the garden to just sit and think, possibly take a nap.
(open role-play)

is asleep

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I'm bored.

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I'm completely and utterly bored right now.
So right now I'm going to stare at the sunset in my desert form while I think of something worthwhile doing.

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is making jewelry
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is putting up Christmas ornaments

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i-i'm not positive this is aloud..but it included crystal and umm idk... i was pretty proud of it and wished to share it with you guys...keep in mind this is a completely different AU and is no way connected to the community
Also if you want me to take down the post i will!, also hope this isn't inappropriate as there is a bit of kissing and cuddling

again i will remove if you want me too!!
~my first mini story!, lil ship between crystal and shadow~

Title: Boring
Characters used: Crystal and shadow
Location: Dragonspiral tower

Crystal sat by dragon spiral tower, humming lowly to her music as she got lost into thought. her gaze focused on her feet as memories and thoughts spun around her head. Oh it had been centuries since the elegant Reshiram had sat on the tower's floors, it's familiar scent flooding her nostrils as a small smile crept along her face. Though another scent stood out to the white beast, it's familiar aroma hung in her mind as she thought deeply before she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, Causing her to yelp in surprise and scream and kick as panic took hold of her senses. She could feel the arms pulled her closer before she heard a small laugh, its voice unforgettable...shadow. She looked up to see the zekrom laughing at her as she still trembled and tried to think of what had happened. His laugh irritated her, "you jerk" she yelled trying to push his arms off her only for him to tighten his grip and pull her a bit closer causing the reshiram to blush and growl in frustration.

The zekrom just looked down at her and smiled "oh come on~ it was only a joke" he said hugging the reshiram a bit tighter as she jumped a bit and sighed "aww...don't be mad at me...please..i was only playing around"

Crystal only glared over, her eyes burned with hatred "well it was funny!, i thought i was in danger! i thought i was going to die shadow!" she said looking away from him. her voice strained and hurt a bit..still shaken up by shadow's joke

"You're so sensitive... when did you become such a bitc-" he said before getting interrupted by the growling of crystal "Don't even think about finished that word shadow!" *she snapped. Shadow loosening his grip on her as he noticed how angry she had become. he just glared a bit and rolled his eyes "you're no fun crystal, what happened to the adventurous girl i knew"

Crystal pushed him off and took a few feet back as she glared at the zekrom "what?! what does that mean!.. i'm still adventurous... i-i'm fun!" she snapped. Shadow gave her a "prove it" look and moved closer to her getting up in her face and causing her to blush, A small smirk appearing on his face "is that so...cause i don't seem pretty boring to me"

Crystal flinched a bit as he got into her face. She growled and glared "well how is this for boring" she said before leaning in and kissing him straight on the lips. At first shadow seemed to freeze in shock as he felt her lips touch his, but he soon relaxed and smiled as Crystal parted from the kiss.

Crystal felt a sensation of shame and embarrassment run through her body as she parted from his lips, Her cheeks turning a light red as she wanted to slap herself in the face. Though shadow pulled her closer and smiled as he saw her embarrassment "now that's the crystal i know~"

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is making everyone's presents hmmm needs some gems transforms into diance and uses diamond storm hmm transforms back and puts the gems on perfect now I need some boxes and wrapping up paper leaves them there
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Name: yuki

Gender: female

Species: shiny eevee

Moveset: sand attack, growl, quick attack and covet

Bio: yuki is your typical eevee, although will often wear a cloak and always wears a flower crown over her eyes.

Hobbies: messing with trainers, making flower crowns, sleeping

((oc below belongs to me, art by piixel))
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