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Looking for some ideas on handling overnight wakings due to what seems to be nightmares with a "prone to clinginess and separation anxiety but also major stalling" just turned 2 year old. My 4 year old sleeps like a rock and didn't have nightmares until the past 9 months or so, he's easy to calm and get back to bed. But I'm struggling with dealing with my 2 year old overnight.

I think he's waking due to nightmares because it's instant panic and screaming for me or dad and it'll just escalate if I'm not in there right away. He's able to talk to me when I get in (so not night terrors). It happens either between 11-12 or around 3am. It's not every day but I'd say most days for a few months now.
The past month he's wormed sitting in the chair floor a few minutes with a song into his bedtime routine. So when he's up and freaked out, he wants to sit in the chair. Problem is getting him back into the crib without him going into screaming throwing everything out of the crib mode as soon as I leave. He's never been great at self soothing and I feel slightly held hostage because I made the decision to start using blankets with him instead of getting him the 2.5 tog sleep sack. So I feel like I need him to have some level of calm so he'll stay somewhat covered and not waking up again because he's cold. And he's such a creature of routine, trying to take the blankets away now would cause an explosion.

The only thing that got me out of his room last night was saying "mommy is not coming back in" a few times and that got him to scale back the whining and demands for tissues, more water, etc and he was able to fall back asleep without issue. But that was after I'd been in there for over an hour which is way beyond reasonable. It's gotten progressively worse trying to leave the past few weeks and I'm just really tired.

PS, I'm 31 weeks pregnant and going on day 4 of no hot water and finding out our well water may not have been filtering out nitrates for some time now. I also officially lost all patience about 2 weeks ago. So I'm probably overthinking and simultaneously going in circles. Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone. My 3 year old's sleep has been a bit of a mess lately. She just turned 3 in early December. Typically she wakes at 630, naps from 12-2 and bed at 730-8. She shares a room with her 21 month old sister. For her 3rd birthday she got a big girl bed. With the holidays, a sickness, family visits, a new bed, etc all within the past month, I expect there to be some disruptions. But lately she stopped napping. She still goes to bed but she just plays in her bed for an hour and then wants to get up. Also, around midnight most nights she wakes and seems frustrated and whines until I go in and ask her to be quiet. Sometimes she quiets down, other times it ramps up.
Because she hasn't been napping, I have pushed bedtime earlier a bit, so she's in bed by 730. Is that too late? Could she be done with napping? Seems young to be done but I dunno. Should I chalk it all up to a busy December?
We're all super frustrated with the night waking. The no napping seems manageable as she does get an hour quiet time in bed and her mood is generally ok (save for the threenager attitude and temper tantrums). Any advice?

My 36 mo is doing a funny thing. He's taking like 2.5-3 hour naps- 12-2:30 ish. Then stays up until about 9, falls asleep within seconds of laying down (which makes me think we have a good distance between nap and bed time) but wakes up at 6. Only 9 hours of sleep seems insufficient- but he seems to be fine, not under-rested. A lot of things have happened in the last couple weeks- daylight savings ending and also he was very sick; couldn't sleep for long periods at night. Anyways- should I cut his naps short? That always feels like such a jerk move. I can't find info about sleep cycle length for a child his age, so I'm not sure the best time to wake him. Thanks!!!

My 4 month old has been waking up at 9:00 pm hysterically crying (after being put to bed on a full stomach at 6:15 pm). When I try to sooth him, he becomes even more out of sorts and the only thing that settles him is another feed. This has been going on for a few nights and I am thinking that it could be his early bed time. Any suggestions/recommendations?

With our morning and afternoon trips to pick up his brother at preschool, it has been pretty tricky setting up a consistent schedule unfortunately :(

My LO is four months old and we have the following schedule.

7am wake up
9-10:30 nap
12:30-2:00 nap
4:00 nap for 30 min to an hour (been an hour the last few days)
7:00 bedtime

He's been waking up in the MOTN and is WIDE AWAKE for up to two hours. He fusses and stops and fusses and stops. He is never hysterical and when he fusses it's not prolonged so we have been letting it go. Is his bedtime too early????? I'm at a loss.

Need to totally reset. My 16month old is a total mess these days - clinging, getting hurt, etc. Had an ear infection for a while and has been cutting his molars for months. He previously slept from 7:30pm-5ish AM, nursed and slept till 7, but we've gone off the rails and now he's nursing at 12ish, 3ish, 5ish. He's still "about to cut" one molar and one canine; his ear might be better but will be checked tomorrow... but the rest of our family is falling apart from lack of sleep so we'll re-set tonight.
Soooo, I think I know what we need to do but I would love anyone's advice and/or reinforcement. I don't think that we really need to re-wean off the night eating. I think that we should go to him briefly right when he cries, pat his back for a minute (he'll just scream; he wants to nurse), and then leave. I anticipate him crying for 40-60minutes. Same the rest of the night, and hope that it's just a few nights till he starts going back to sleep quietly again.
My only other "softer" thoughts are:
- should I have a "cut off" time (like the first night I won't feed him before 2, but then I will)? In the past once he was weaned off any earlier eatings then he slept through after that.
- should I let him be ridiculous until his teeth have broken through? until his ears are checked? We've stopped giving any pain killers because they make no noticeable difference.

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This group is pretty quiet these days but just in case anybody checks back in I wanted to share that I did a thing and it's awesome and chances are the answer you're looking for is in it.

check out out :)

Hello all,
Hoping for some help with my room sharing girls. The eldest is 2.5 and the youngest is 1.5. Up until recently things have been smooth. The youngest was going to bed at 7 with no issues and sleeping well till 6:30 am. She naps once, from 11:30-1:30. My eldest would sneak in at 7:45 and would also sleep well til 6:30. She naps from 12:30-2. Th problem lately is that my youngest will not go to sleep until either I go in and sit with her or until her sister comes in to bed. She all of a sudden HATES being alone. I have no idea what happened nor do I know what to do about it. She screams and cries, which she has never ever done. So the past two nights she's stayed up until 7:30 and they both go to bed together, but after stories and songs, they aren't in bed until 7:45. I think that's too late for the youngest, and she has woken up early, like 5:30 am early, probably because she is overtired. I'm at a total loss as to what to do. Has anyone else run into a similar problem, or does anyone have any ideas to try? I'm worried for my littlest one as she's always been a fantastic sleeper and champ napper; she loves her sleep and needs it.

In the night, my 9 week old starts to make noise before crying before I feed him. He has slept longer stretches than my first two, so when I hear him, I don't wait. I've always felt like 6-8 hours is long enough and it's good to feed him. Should I be waiting for him to cry?
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