Hello Sleep Peeps! I need some advice for my almost 5 month old son. He was once a dream sleeper--sleeping 8 hours or more at night. Then we put him in his crib and all hope is lost.

He has started waking up every 3 to 4 hours during the night for a feeding. Sometimes he seems like he is starving and other times not so much. After he eats, it is impossible to get him back into the crib once he wakes. Bedtime is between 7 and 7:30. He'll wake up between 10 & 11 PM, and the only way to calm him down is a bottle. After a bottle, he'll be a sweet sleeping baby in your arms. But as soon as his head hits the mattress, he's up. Pick him up, and he's instantly back asleep. Repeat this activity 4 times and eventually he'll really be asleep and not wake up when you put him down. It takes me about an hour to get him down, and then he's up again two hours later. Sometimes I fall asleep holding him in the chair in his room. I can already tell that he is training us to hold him all night long, but I don't know how to stop! He goes to sleep independently at bedtime, it's the middle of the night wake-ups that are giving us grief. 

Any tips on how to stop nursing to sleep? My almost 5 month old has a strong suck to sleep association, yet will not take a paci. So to get her to sleep is a battle. And when she wakes in the night to feed, it's a battle to get her to fall back asleep...without nursing her til she's totally out, then trying to gently place her down and sneaking away. Any links to articles or advice would be great. We are working on a set bedtime (8:30 start, bed by 9), but lately she has been waking after just one sleep cycle and won't go back to bed until 10:30-11. Same thing when she wakes during the night.

She's been sleeping in the swing for over a week, yet that hasn't changed the frequency of night wakings, which I'm guessing is due to her sleep associations of nursing to sleep? 

So, to be clear, and for my own sanity, the stretch of time between four and five-and-a-half months is essentially a no mans land in which I could be doing everything right, only to be stuck with 3 hours of sleep per night? I feel as though Ive tried everything, and the consensus from online advice I've gotten is "it gets better". Which it does, I know, but it sure is painful to try to parent a toddler and baby when I am the walking dead. To sum up: we observe brief periods of wakefulness, have a solid BT routine at around 6:30-7, use white noise swaddle paci dark, don't talk to her at night, and yet she is still awake and ready to party at 3am, and will only go back to sleep after a few hours of babbling and being generally adorable but infuriating, by which time my toddler is up and I have given up on my dreams of getting any more sleep. Do I just have to wait until she's old enough to CIO? If so, fine, but I need some confirmation that I am out of options. She is done with the swing, hates but needs the swaddle, and spits the paci out in favor of talking to me in the darkness. Cosleeping just encourages the party behavior. Me crying doesnt seem to elicit sympathy from her, at least not enough for her to take pity on me and let me sleep. Please advise- just wait until she can CIO? Is there some major strategy I've missed?

My once perfect sleeper (via CIO at 12 months) is about to turn 3. He went from asking for the hall light on at 4am to asking for all his lights on in his room at bedtime, to wanting door wide open, to wanting me in his room or him in mine, and it's worked. He would start calling me because he had to poop, was thirsty etc and I would ignore...then he would say he was scared and I went in. I think he could be playing off that but even when I go in and lay with him he wants all the lights on and door open.

I tried CIO for nap yesterday and he stood at the babygate at his door crying for 2 hours before I went and got him. He's currently in a crib converted to toddler bed; not sure if I should make it back into crib and CIO again or what to do but I'm in his crib all night and my neck and knees hurt and I can't do it any longer. Help! 

But now....sleep has gotten way worse, help!

My two year old goes to sleep on his own at night with a pacifier. He has slowly been waking up more and more. 2-5 times a night. When he wakes up I put him to lie back down (I do not pick him up in my arms or rock him), I give him back his paci if he's lost it, but usually that's not the case and he goes back to sleep. Last night I decided after one wake up, that I would let him cry it out the next time he woke up. I slept through a lot of the crying until he jumped out of his crib! That's something he did not know to do before! He did it a few more times that night until finally my husband got him to sleep on him in the rocking chair.

Help! I have no idea where to go from here. How do you do CIO if the kid jumps out of the crib? Or if we put him in a toddler bed?

13 week-old is FIGHTING sleep with a passion. I'm not trying to sleep train, I know she's way too young; I'm simply trying to get her adequate sleep and myself a chance to eat/pee/shower without a baby in my arms. She went from sleeping several hours at a time (bliss) to waking after about 20 minutes (at bedtime) in the swing. I tried her in the bassinet and had slightly longer sleeps, so I thought, "great, Weissbluth says work toward motionless sleep anyway." Now we're back to struggling to get her to stay down for bedtime, and waking every couple hours. Should I move her back to the swing? She seems to be waking because she's fighting the swaddle, but I feel like it's way early to lose that tool, plus putting her down unswaddled is impossible. I'm using white noise and a pretty good bedtime routine. Of course she's going down asleep (as opposed to drowsy but awake,) but I also think that's appropriate at this age. Any ideas?

I need help with early wakings! For the last week, seemingly out of nowhere, my 20 month old daughter has started waking up between 5:00 and 5:45. Previously, she had been waking between 6:15 and 6:45.

Nothing in her schedule has changed. She naps at 12:30 and I cap her at 90 min. She's in bed 7:30/7:45 and takes anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes to fall asleep. So, there were a couple nights this week that she was getting just under 9 hours, which I know isn't enough.

I've started logging her sleep times to see if there's a pattern, but I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on. She's in a pitch black room at that time of the morning with white noise. I was blaming it on my husband, who is up at 4:30 and out the door for work at 5:00, for somehow making too much noise, or my upstairs neighbor, who had gotten back from a long European trip and had been up around the same time, not even attempting to be quiet (his room is right above hers). But this weekend neither was up that early and she still was, so now I have no idea what's going on. 

So I feel like a jerk who put their foot down about the wrong thing and at the wrong time. Erik is 9 months and goes down awake for naps and bedtime, no pacifier, no eating right before bed and no overnight eating. But he still wakes up MOTN once most days to which I'd been nursing him back to sleep which would usually take 1-2 hours since he was just wide awake (my supply is so low he's getting basically no food during this and would refuse a bottle if offered). Pediatrician said CIO, which I did last night. Complete failure.

Bedtime was 8:30pm and he woke up crying at 11:45pm, I let him cry about 7 minutes before going in, occasionally he'll get back to sleep himself then. I went and checked his diaper, he was smacking his lips like he was hungry but refused to eat so I figured fine, sang a song and plopped him back into the crib and left. After about 30-45 of screaming, he sat up. He hates being on his back and I realized he probably doesn't know how to get down. I went in, rubbed his back briefly then helped him on his back. He was livid when I left and popped right back up. I let him wail 2 more hours mostly sitting and gave in. I know consistency etc but WTF. Approaching 3 hours of screaming, I needed to sleep and was feeling like he'd never get to sleep himself at this rate. Took him to nurse and he didn't even latch, just passed out. Woke when I moved him and same thing happened the second time moving so I left at that point while he was crying, he spent about 20-30 minutes crying but did fall asleep himself and slept through from about 3:30 until I woke him up late at 9:15am.

What should I do for the next overnight wakings? I sure hope I didn't teach him to cry for 3 hours, I hope it was just a fluke and possibly related to him not knowing how to lay down? Ugh. I think part of the overnight stuff might be not enough time before bed so I'm going to work on getting him closer to 4 hours instead of 3.5. He had about 6 weeks of sleeping 11-12 hours straight through at 7-8 months, then he got his two top teeth at once in addition to self feeding and trying to crawl (which he just fully figured out the past several days) and he started waking once at night most days for the past month.

Help! My two year old has decided to no longer have his day sleep which he desperately needs! We have just moved house so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Bed and routines are the same he just wont sleep. I have resorted to car sleeps and spend far to much time driving around!

Any advise? 

Hey all,
I've got a very similar situation to Whitney (below post) with a few minor differences. My LO is 5 months and for the first four months of her life she slept like a champ, I mean like 10 hours straight. She goes to be at 7:15 or so and until about 2 weeks ago didn't wake till 4 ish to nurse then back to sleep till 7 or so, sometimes 8.
The past two weeks though she's started waking more frequently, initially at 1 am and again at 4 am, which I begrudgingly obliged. Buut now it's 10:30 pm, 12:30 or 1 am, 3 am, and 5 am. This I cannot oblige. She shares a room and we just moved her from bassinet to playard. With this pattern she obvs isn't ready to move into her toddler sister's room. Do I just let her moan and groan those first two wakes and hope after a couple of nights she stops (all the while praying she doesn't wake her sister whose room is oh so close)? I let it go a few days thinking it could be a growth spurt, development, or what not, but it's been two weeks and things continue to deteriorate. Help please!

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